No, I’m serious.  This is actually worthy of “Breaking News!”

My body is weird.  At least from the inside.  I think it’s alright from the outside? *shrug* Still, I don’t eat.  This can be traced back to a variety of reasons.  However, in the immediate, it has tended to work “backwards” in a certain way regarding my drinking.  Now that I have stopped drinking, it’s working…maybe sideways? Or something? Let me try and explain.

When I used to drink, I would become ravenous after the fact.  Apart from the other “benefits” I considered alcohol already gave me, I felt this was another “bonus” as I never ate! I’d come home and whip up a meal, take my meds and off to sleep I’d go.

Well, since my brain decided to explode in the worst way to date several days ago, thus necessitating me to decide to stop drinking, I am now…hungry? Without the alcohol? Alright, at first I was so sick I didn’t want to eat much, but yesterday I had a bit of cereal for lunch and then a decent portion of pasta.

This is where things have now started to get a bit nuts.  I woke up in the middle of last night, completely dying for food–even more so than when I had been drinking–ever! I didn’t finish my pasta last night so down it went, and then a huge piece of chocolate and vanilla, mousse cake.  Then in my dopey haze, back to sleep.  But it gets even better! I woke up this morning and my regular readers, sit down, hold on to something to support yourselves…get prepared!

I ate a bowl of cereal, before one, single sip of tea or even taking my meds!!!

People.  This is not me.

Not to mention the fact that this is completely all backwards, sideways, twisted around! First, I could never figure out how on earth drinking would make me starving in the first place.  I mean, it went well beyond an Aperitif! Also, if I am going through any alcohol withdrawal problems (that would be extremely slight regardless), I would be losing my appetite!!!

Either way, this is a good thing as I did confirm that, yes, I went down to 95lbs. from 100lbs.  Not good.  I still question whether I’ll ever get beyond 100lbs. ever, due to all the Gastro Hell from years ago.  But at least for my health’s sake, I need nutrition!

I also need to change my MP3, as I don’t want that other, current damn thing with the comments up there anymore from my bloody, brain blow up.  Hmmm…what to play…  I don’t know if I have anything “Food Related.” *rolls eyes*

Oh, wait! I do! *laughing*

“Peaches” by The Presidents of the USA *laughing even more*


  1. lili

    I’m glad the appetite is improving. The human body is a wonder.


  2. Hi lili. Thanks, me too. Let’s hope it sticks!

    Yes, the human body is so…just wow! I wish we knew more about it! Dr. PA always pondering, huh?


  3. *jaws drops* yay! :)

    meanwhile, Peaches… nice work! always loved that song. something about utter silliness meeting a good rhythm, i guess.


  4. Hi Catatonic Kid. Yes, I know. Rather shocking?

    And yes…appropriate song? *laughing*


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