I read something yesterday that just about made me fall off…well, I was on the floor so it’s pretty hard to fall off the floor.  However, had I been sitting on anything higher, I might just have fallen off that.

It reminded me of something that happened a few years ago, and related to that, I was reminded to go on a little bit of a hunt for a piece of writing that I didn’t know if I could find.  I was pretty sure I could find it, though.  You see, my hard drive died, and being the dunce that I am, I hadn’t done a backup beforehand.

Still, I found it.  I quite like it.  That is rather something for a writer to say.  We are always our own worst critics, of course.  That piece brought back all sorts of feelings and memories and, of course, that irony!

What can you say about that word? Well, for me, it can be a very haunting thing.  It’s happened a fair bit in my life.  I guess that may be its true nature.  Its essence? At least for me, perhaps.  It is there to haunt me.  And as such, I don’t particularly like it.  Unless when it seems to pop up, I have had sufficient time to deal with whatever situation where it applies.

Yesterday, it was alright.  I think? I think. There’s another good one! Another thing that haunts me; albeit in a different way.  That is because it is a constant and irony is not.  I can’t turn off my brain! Okay, none of us can.  Me? Good lord! *rolls eyes*

I would like to do some writing today.  I am working on something, but I don’t know if this beast of irony that has now come back…will make what I am working on a bit complicated? Again, there it is, waiting in the wings for me.

I don’t feel like writing anything else.  I feel like working on this specific task, and now that I do have some motivation, I am feeling just a slight “something” in my head.  It is almost like a “conflict of interest.”

Oh, the irony.  My apologies.  That was a terrible way to end this Post.


  1. Hi PA. Welcome to your own blog. *laughing*

    For those of you who don’t know, I sometimes comment first on my own Posts.

    I’ve been mulling this one around for a bit. I have so very little memory of how I grew up due to trauma. A lot of people who read this blog know that already. So much that shapes us when we’re growing up, those influences, what we take in from…well, I did regarding my irresponsible Parental Units.

    Not to mention my dx’s that are so firmly entrenched genetically on my mother’s side. I don’t know about non-bio dad, but I’m pretty certain nothing going on in the head department there.

    I mean, it’s taken so long for my older sister and I to establish and maintain a relationship that can still be a bit rocky occasionally, and not always kept up on a regular basis.

    Oh well, families huh?

    I have managed to do a bit of writing, as well. I’m running out of steam a bit though. I may quit that, soon. At least I got some done! That’s good. And no, not upsetting due to what I read, yesterday!

    Again…can’t change the cards you’re necessarily dealt with, right?


  2. lili

    Hey it’s your blog you can do anything you want. I’m glad you’re able to sort these things out.


  3. Hi lili. Yes, people have always said I can do whatever I want on my blog.

    With some thinking I try to sort things out the best I can but it can also depend upon so many factors, really. Like I said, it was past stuff…and families are families, growing up and all of that…


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