I seem to be in a bit of a blogging funk, which is fine.  It happens.  I’ve been trying to do a bit more personal writing, but I’m not so sure I’m producing much there, either! At least I’m thinking about it, though.  However, I still don’t want my blog to go “stale.”  Things just might be a little bit “slow” around here? I’m not sure.  Writing anything is kind of funny that way.  You never know when something might happen, and you will become “inspired.” *rolls eyes*

This week I do have some health related things coming up, so there may be some of that posted. *nods*

Anyway, this song is dedicated to someone who may need a bit of cheering up and some support.  It is not a strange thing for me to make “dedications” regarding songs to people.  I even take requests from people! It is also not a strange thing for me to dedicate entire Posts to people! I’ve done that before and it’s been fun.

This song is by a Canadian singer and a bit old, actually.  Chantal Kreviazuk.  Oddly enough, she is married to Raine Maida, who is the vocalist for Our Lady Peace.  They’re still sitting on MP3 of the Moment for now. *laughing* Well, I guess we’ll have them reside as a couple on MP3oftM, until I end up streaming something else!

I give you: “Before You” by Chantal Kreviazuk.

EDIT: I forgot to mention as well, that Kreviazuk wrote, produced and starred in a very, brief, film piece about a woman dealing with a Mood Disorder.  She is a strong, mental health advocate.  I’ve never seen it unfortunately, but always wanted to get around to doing so.  It’s called “Pretty Broken.”  I should try and locate it.  Another thing to add to my, never ending “To Do List.” *shakes head*


  1. raginggenius

    uh, where’s the song? I would to hear “pretty broken” too!


  2. raginggenius

    Oh, Ok, I see it, I think this baby is robbing my brain of oxygen!! I can’t tell you how many times I have started my washer with no clothes in it!! Duh!!! Ok, I absolutely LoVed it!!! Sure made me smile!


  3. aspietalk

    first came across Chantal Kreviazuk with her rendition of “leaving on a jet plane.” but had no idea about the queer, mental health aspect of her life. thanks for the discovery.


  4. aspietalk

    raine is a guy, sorry. not queer. =)


  5. raginggenius

    Thank you PA for turning me on to Chantal!! I have been watching her all day!! YEAH!!!


  6. Hi raginggenius. I’m glad you liked the song and now are into Chantal. Sorry to hear that the pregnancy is making you so dumb, though! *laughing* Good ol’ hormone changes like that will get you every time, eh?

    Hi aspietalk. Yes, a lot of people are very familiar with her cover version of that song. This one was her “break out” single, basically. I picked up the CD as a sample…wow, I can’t even remember where.

    I’ve always just loved the song, though. Even if it sounds kind of “pop-ish” in nature, it’s just so sweet in its simplicity. I don’t know. Sappy, mushy PA coming out here… *laughing*

    The person needed it, though.

    And yes, Raine Maida is a guy. *laughing* Also, he’s got great teeth! At least as far as I can tell from seeing him in videos and on television etc… *rolls eyes*


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