Archive for October 21st, 2009

I feel like a filthy, disgusting rat that has been traipsing endlessly, throughout the sewers of the city all night.  And speaking of filthy, disgusting and night, I awoke from the worst nightmare of my entire life! Absolutely! Without question! Bar none! I will not disclose any of the content, lest I throw the majority of my readers into permanent hospitalization! Except for the odd fact that it came in two versions.  Like film ratings? One for viewers with more hearty stomachs and one for…? Those who wish to have their entire innards obliterated!

Further, why on earth am even remembering my dreams at all now? I never could before! I suppose the one benefit of it all is if they are pleasant?

I did not take my meds before my MRI (which I suppose is one semi-good thing–the MRI was no problem.)  I did this anticipating it would make me more dopey, so I could just flop there and not think of much.  Well, of course I thought of all sorts of icky things, but I tried to squeeze some good things in there, as well.  So, perhaps some more “semi-good-ness,” in my thinking of those items in the MRI tube.

Nonetheless, onto more “filthy-disgusting-ratness.”  I had to return to my former workplace to do some banking.  In case you want to track PA and she is “Anonymous,” her former workplace was not a bank.  So, screw you if you try and find me.  Therefore…  Yes, I have an account at my former establishment of employment–sounds-weird–don’t ask.  TRIGGER! Also, extremely WRONG music while walking there on my iPod.



Walk.Out.Head.Down.Avoid.All.Eye.Contact. (…while also trying not to think about your bank balance, or lack thereof…)

I then returned to transit where I got on and “waited” to fall apart.


I am now home and have swallowed my handful of “Happy Pills,” and made myself a Pint Cuppa! Maybe that will bring my sorry, filthy, disgusting, sewer rat, ass around! I also have an appt. for my haircut at 1300hrs.  Maybe that will “pretty” PA up, and also make her look and feel like less of a sorry, filthy, disgusting, sewer rat!

True, they day is hardly over.  Perchance, there is some improvement yet to come?