fall’n off ‘de path

whadn’ ‘dat long ‘go.  nope, don’ b’lieve so.  nope.  *PA pulls toothpick from mouth*

see? ‘dang is, ‘dis guy.  he made me do i’d.  ‘dis guy, he goes by ‘dis name of? whadn’ his name ‘gain? sump’n like. cun…fussin’? cun’foosin’.  yeh.  ‘dat right.  he slick, know? he ge’d ya.  righ’d in ‘dere.  righ’d in! b’fore ya even knows i’d comin’! ‘dat hows he go’dden me in ‘dere! gran’d.  i ain’ sayin’ i’s complainin’ s’much.  hard t’member ‘do, hard ‘de say.

problem is ‘do, an’ ya go’da follow ‘kay? ya hear? ya lis’nen?

see, ‘dang is, i’s fall’n off ‘de path.  kin’a like ‘dose holy folk.  whadn’ ‘dey say? yeh.  fall’n off ‘de path.  ‘dat whadn’ I done.  wid’ ‘de bloggin’ an’, well readin’ mos’.

‘dat ‘dere slick guy lesson me in ‘do.  well, i’s fall’n off de’ path!

bu’d I can sing.  anybody ou’d ‘dere go’dn ‘dem a bloggin’ hymnal? i’s always good a’ ‘de singin’  i knows how ‘do ‘dat?

i know.  i ain’ been readin’ ‘dem blogs s’good.  i’s fall’n off de’ path.

mebbe ‘dem holy folks can say ‘dose prayers or some’in’ ‘dey gots.  mebbe ‘dat’ll get me back on ‘de bloggin’ path.

  1. lili

    It’s just a glitch in the system. Everything will be fine.


  2. aspietalk

    My guesses: Shakespeare mixed with a little Heart of Darkness, narrated from within James Joyce’s mind when he was writing Ulysses. Close?


  3. Hi lili. The glitch in the system was about me “fall’n off ‘de path” or about my writing? *laughing* Either way…?

    Hi aspietalk. Heh. Too funny. I don’t know in terms of any sort of “writing critique.” I came up with this a long time ago and it was sitting as a Draft. I didn’t know what the hell to toss up on my blog (I still have a serious one in my head), but I didn’t have time or energy yesterday. So, this is what everyone got!

    I must admit, it was fun to write. I’m not sure if anyone else out there finds it as amusing as I do, but I’m just so completely warped to my sense of humour, anyway. Amuse myself on my own blog?


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