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These women are so amazing.  I heard of them recently and was not sure how they would compare with my blessed Tallis Scholars (an a capella en semble that sings Scared Music.)  The Tallis Scholars are from Oxford, England.  These ladies are based in New York City.  Let me tell you, they are quite like my Tallis Scholars–minus the men’s voices.

This piece (and CD in its entirety), is music from the 13th and 14th Century.  I was listening to it yesterday, to “test” my Phonophobia, it being my first day of being post-“ick”tal.©  I have tried to find a suitable excerpt that would be both pleasing to the ear, and decent in length.  Many of the chants are very brief.

So, I hope you like this.  Perhaps it may not take you as out of this world as it does me, but still.

Also, the “Anon” part of the title? That means “Anonymous,” as in the Composer.  It does not refer to the group’s name.

“Anon: O Maria Stella Maris” by Anonymous 4