This morning I found out that I was considered for an award, and received an “Honorary Mention” from Psych Central. If you haven’t heard of them, they are pretty awesome. They have been recognized and received accolades themselves. I should have blogrolled them ages ago, but PA can be a little bit slow at times. Well, they sure will be blogrolled, now! But not because of the consideration for the award! Uh…no. Although, this certainly serves as a reminder–and a rather large one at that!

And speaking of “large,” this award is quite that, as well. You see, it was for their Annual Top Ten Bipolar Blogs of 2009. Yes, the entire year. I don’t know about you, but a year? Not to mention, a lot of Bipolar bloggers out there? Not to mention, further, I blog about a lot more than Bipolar? I have several comorbidities? Not to mention, further squared, I really don’t think my blog is that special?

Okay, I’ll stop with all of the “Not to mentions…”

However, I will say that this really came at an opportune time. Perhaps?

I’ve been struggling with my blog, lately. I don’t know if I’m going through (yet another!) “Blogging Crisis,” but I haven’t really been particularly happy regarding its content. Yes, yes…we always tell each other when this happens, “Write whatever you want. It’s your blog. Take a break if you need to. Mix things up a bit if you’re stuck in a rut…”

I know this. I do.

Maybe this absolutely, wonderful honour, that I do not think I am worthy of, will kick my arse into gear. Get me back on track to where I’ve been wanting go with this blog for ages. Some places where it used to exist before.

Or not. *much laughter and eye rolling ensues*


  1. Dear, your blog is heartouching & powerful. Sure it may not have the highest technical level of writing, but it is YOUR writing. It shows who you are and that touches people.



  2. Hi Canageek. Thank you very much. Your words mean a lot to me.

    I used to write about aspects from the medical side of things, although Dr. PA is not a M.D.! I have been moaning forever about getting back to that area of blogging for ages now!

    Ah, motivation! You have escaped me, yet again!

    I get a little tired of bitching and whining about my life, and how much it sucks at times. It’s like, I get sick and tired of myself! I just want to tell myself to shut up! It makes me wonder who else out there may be thinking the same thing! *laughing*


  3. lili

    That’s the cool thing about blogs…being able to watch the development of the blogger as life happens.


  4. Hi lili. Well, I must admit that to this day, blogging still confuses the hell out of me! This blog has been up for three years now–actually, it has its “Anniversary” coming up very soon! Within that time frame, I still don’t understand what on earth I am doing and so many things about it all.

    I mean, I’m not speaking “conceptually.” I know what a “blog” is. I’m speaking on a personal level. Me. What on earth am I doing here?

    Not to mention, this entire “thing,” this blog and how it was started was completely redonculous! The story behind it, I find, is so absurd! I don’t know really, anyone else’s story, as to how or why they started their blogs, come to think of it. Mine, though? OMG!

    I look back and laugh so hard! The sheer randomness that now produced the collision that this blog is now? Absolutely hilarious!

    So, you see development? I see more car crashes repeating themselves over and over and over… *laughing*

    Let me know if you want to hear the story. That goes for anyone else out there. I’m sure I’ve written about it here before, considering this blog is three years old. It is a bit of a long story. Let me check as I believe I kept the Second Anniversary Post brief.

    Yes, it was brief. Perhaps I may share the story this year, then? Still, if anyone wants to know, feel free to email me.


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