Again, it has been a while but I’m in desperate need of Post Fodder at the moment.  Also, I might be in desperate need of “Search Term Fodder,” but as always, let’s give it a go!

To begin with, I don’t know if we have a lot of people looking up at the sky, who have their brains in the sky but…

sky, pretty sky, cloudy sunset sky, wild sky, dark cloudy skies skies — uh huh…

mood swings in gay men — Now, I really don’t think that gay men’s mood swings would be different than anyone else’s.  However, I will say that everyone’s mood swings can be different.  I am not a gay man, though.  I am a gay woman and I don’t think my mood swings are all that “special.”  Any gay male readers out there, please feel free to chime in.

sorry you’re sick — Awww.  A kind, caring and thoughtful reader out there.  Thanks! *hugs*

balsa building – This reader could be thinking one or two things, perhaps? Either they want to build balsa or they want a building made of it.  Well, if it’s the former, you would need to plant a tree to “build it.”  If you want an actual “building?” Well, I suggest only a model.  It’s pretty light so it would fall down as soon as you managed to put it up (or even beforehand.)  Feel free to “build” your model to scale, though!

concerta side effects tooth hurts — Now, last time I checked, this wasn’t on the list.  Go see a dentist!

fuck me once shame on you — You know, I kind of like this new variation on the phrase…

i am very patient — No doubt if you are a reader of this blog!

new fashion statement of 2009 — Whoa! You shoyd ‘ah toyned left at Alb’quoy’que!!! Let me tune your frequency in to a little Aspie Secret: We don’t give a rat’s ass about fashion (usually?) I can tell you right now I will never give a rat’s ass about fashion so don’t expect any writing about it here!

another anonymous for terrible — If you are looking for another Anonymous Blogger who is terrible, I am quite certain that I’m better at being terrible! I win! So there!

can you feel sick from a radiator — This is a particularly difficult question to answer.  If you are simply using it for heat, probably not.  Are you opening it up with any tools or…say a blowtorch or a chainsaw and ingesting its contents? Yes.

how do you get the scream back to normal — Sound is measured in decibels.  How often do you scream? I suggest practising your scream as often as possible.  In fact, do it in as many environments as possible.  Measure it every time you do it.  Then, you can take the mean average of your scream in decibels.  Then…keep repeating it over and over and over again until you’ve got it right! Or, just pick your favourite scream that comes out of your mouth, and keep doing it like that.

just in case…im ready — Cool! You could probably teach me some things since I’m such a SPAZ O.o

as a teacher are rules meant to be broke — You frighten me.  How did you even become a teacher??? You are responsible for young minds!!! In a single, solitary, word: NO!!!

baby borg — Ohhh!!! I want to see one!!! I’ve only seen Adult Borgs!!!

headcase terminology — Look no further, my friend and ally!

stranger than fiction was boring — Well, screw you if you didn’t like that Category on my blog! Get some balls you fucktard, and either comment here, or send me an email! Also, tell me why you didn’t like it! Sheesh!

why does brooke feel like shit — I don’t know.  Who’s Brooke? I have no clue.  Why don’t you just ask her?

mypod pillow – Do you have an iPod Pillow??? Is this some new Apple gadget they’ve come up with? I haven’t heard anything.  Do you have some kind of “Insider Information?” Oooh! Do tell! Or do you have a “Pillow in your Pod?” Either way, that sounds neat, too! Do tell, as well!

im fucked up nappy heads — You know what? You bloody, well are!!! Coming around here and calling us a bunch up “nappy heads!” Get off my blog! You don’t even deserve to read it, saying that shit! I can handle the rough and tumble, but don’t insult my readers, mmm’kay?

eating cigarettes makes you sick — Sounds like you had to find that out the hard way.  I’m sorry.

how do I write depressing poetry — Email me.  I am going to save you so much money in buying books about other poets, and so much time in research.  I have a very simple solution.  You can just read some of my work as examples.

model case of self medication — Email me.  I will tell you stories you would not believe from my past.  At least I have now quit drinking, so I am no longer that “model.”

anime couples eating ice cream — *giggles* Oh…  What a cute, little vision in my head…

hot women fucking — *silence* Erm…sorry…uh…different, yes. Different vision in my head…!

shit tree — Just what kind of garden are you trying to plant???

Past Search Term Ridiculosity

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May 05 2007

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August 08 2008

December 25 2008

May 14 2009


  1. lili

    Lol what a wonderful train of thought. Search engine issues…very weird


  2. Hi lili. I don’t know how many other bloggers out there do it, but it’s sort of a “game” you can play. Yes, blog “filler” or “fodder,” if you will. Also, it can be a lot of fun and some amusement for readers.

    I saw someone do it (I can’t remember who), as this goes back a while, and I thought it was hilarious. I then vowed it was something I would have to incorporate!

    Over the last year or so, my terms have been getting pretty repetitive and not so great. Also, too serious!!! Whoa! I’m being too Dr. PA! *laughing*


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