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First, this is somewhat long but I don’t want that to turn you off.  I want that to turn you on.  If you can listen to it, I guarantee it will affect you in some way! *laughing*

I don’t know if any of you have heard of Christy Doran.  Irish born, extremely talented guitarist, who, when I heard and saw this quartet he had put together, was currently living in Switzerland.  The group was called, “Christy Doran’s New Bag,” and the album (or CD) was released in 1999.

I heard this song while driving around listening to the (now defunct) CBC 2.  I still mourn the moronic decision to eradicate CBC 2 to this day.  Regardless, it flipped my little, Bipolar Lid and I kept driving around until they announced what the song was.  At the time, there was a music festival running.  They were part of that festival, so I was lucky enough to find out where and when they were playing.  Awesome!

So, off I went to hear this song and whatever else they had to offer.  It was a small club and not too many people in attendance.  Interesting show and PA was happy with it.  Even better for the lack of people, as she’s small.  Nothing worse than lots of (tall) people to block her line of sight!

Afterward, I wanted to buy a CD.  Generally the norm, post-performance, someone is hanging around to sell them.  Nope.  No one.  I inquired at the bar.  The bartender told me to speak to Christy, or another member of the group.  Wot? Speak to Christy Doran??? I responded that I couldn’t do that (despite the fact that I was already rather inebriated, so I could have done pretty much anything in that state.)  Still.  And yet, dammit! I wanted that CD!

Everyone had left the bar except me.  I was still drinking a beer, then out comes the band! Time for that “Liquid Courage” to kick in? Now, let me tell you something about Christy Doran.  Maybe I shouldn’t even say this since he is famous? However, he was very quiet and he didn’t say much.  Also, very awkward and he wouldn’t make eye contact with me.  He seemed to shuffle back and forth on his feet a bit when he did talk to me, as well.  I shall say no more!

He said he didn’t have any CDs with him, but to write down my name and address.  Okay.  Then, the entire band asked me to join them and I can’t quite remember, but did they buy me drinks or did I just buy more for myself? Anyway, wee PA sat for a while, drinking, watching a footy match on television, chatting with a bunch of blokes from different parts of Europe…then she left! *laughing*

Months later, I had forgotten all about this.  Then I get a little, bubble pack in the mail from Switzerland. Wot? I just stared at it and thought, who on earth is mailing me something from Switzerland? Well, someone from Switzerland obviously (hardy har har…)  I opened it up and it was a CD copy of “Christy Doran’s New Bag.”  I just about fell over.  I was so overwhelmed that the sweet guy hadn’t forgotten about me, after I’d just quickly scrawled my information on a scrap of paper from the bartender.

That’s not all that was inside, though.  OMG, Christy Doran is adorable! He had photocopied some newspaper announcements and reviews from other cities in Canada where they had played, and then autographed it! Is that more sweetness upon sweetness? It just makes me love this song even more.

“Confusing The Spirits” by Christy Doran’s New Bag