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Day Five 98/03/20 1140hrs

Today has been pretty relaxed which is probably just as well.  After reading (interactive comic) with M. and D., I didn’t feel like going to bed.  It was only 2200hrs.  I meandered back down to the bar for a bit of a nightcap.  There, I saw V., and shortly thereafter, the three young guys we met walking down from the mountain arrived: “E. the Aussie,” and “M. and L. the Poms.” (Note: “E. the Aussie” called them “The Poms,” not me!)

We traded facts and figures and jokes from our countries and cultures.  M. kept saying over and over: “Are you making fun of me, Canada?” Indeed, I was.  E. was very nice and seemed to like me quite a bit.  I came out to him just to make a quick end to the whole ordeal.  He was really cool about it, and we went to the beach and talked about sexuality, feelings and experiences until 0230hrs.  When we finally parted, he kissed me and attempted to grab my breast.  I couldn’t help but laugh at him.  I gave him a peck goodbye and a hug too, and then walked back to our cottage.  He did have a great line to describe a gay man: “As camp as a row of tents.”  That’s a keeper. (Note: We were roughly the same age but he thought I was an 18 year old au pere, looking after the children! I was 28 during this trip!)

Things kind of took a downward turn when I returned home.  The cottage door had been locked behind me.  I had no idea what to do.  I tried knocking but no one heard me.  I laid down on the deck and tried to sleep but it was too uncomfortable.  It started to get cool and looked like rain, so I ventured back down to Colombo’s. (Note: The bar on the property.)  There, I laid on a cushioned seat (ahhh…)  I slept for maybe an hour.  With the advent of the rain, both my body and the air temperatures dropped.  I awoke at 0500hrs.

I walked back to the cottage and knocked a little more persistently this time.  C. finally awoke.  I think we both felt a little silly.  I crawled back into bed still dressed.  I awoke later, at app. 0745hrs.  It was too bad I didn’t get drunk.  I could have passed out more easily, then. (Note: I mentioned this before but bollocks about me drinking! I was all crazy in Bipolar Land then!)

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