Ugh.  I’m still waiting for the Tea Faeries to alight upon my shoulders, with blessings of sweet caffeine relief, but to no avail…  Yes, I was up very early this morning (after staying up a little late?) for another EEG!

Let’s just say the whole thing started off with a bang.  Literally.  The hospital’s revolving door’s windows were VERY clean! You know, the door that moves slooowwwlllyyy, so people in wheelchairs and such can get through safely?

What about the safety of ambulatory PA? I walked right into one of those lovely, shiny, clean windows! Or doors?


No, I’m not kidding!!! I did a total face plant into one of the windows! I’m surprised I didn’t break my glasses! This has to be the kraziest, klutziest move I have EVER made!!! *laughing so hard* May I please blame it on sleep deprivation? Please??? And in case you’re worried, I didn’t hurt any body parts. Well, I guess only my dignity–or what little was left after the door took most of it away.

The EEG itself? Unremarkable? Although, maybe a few differences from the past.

I had less electrodes.  Only 26 this time whereas before, I have had upwards of 30. However, the cords for these ones were rainbow colours! W00t! I was in a chair that tilted backward, as well.  Before I have always been lying down.

The tech. was really nice.  Of course, I geeked out with her.  I had to “de-stim” prior to my “stillness,” and she asked if I was okay. I told her about the Asperger’s and how I had to do the same thing with my last MRI.  She thought that must have been incredibly difficult–me having to remain so still for so long.  I assumed she was referring to me having to “de-stim” myself, and get any funky body movements out of the way in order to try and remain purposefully immobile.  If so, I thought that was incredibly awesome and caring on her part! I will repeat this again for the nth time: I have always had my best medical experiences with my testing technicians! They are always SO happy, helpful and kind!

We talked about Asperger’s and all of my other brain insanity.  That also tied in to the listing of all my meds.  She seemed quite “interested,” there.  Or, “impressed?” “Shocked?” “Curious?” Ah, who knows? I was tired!

My EEG will actually show my brain laughing.  It will.  The tech. left for a bit, and I was to remain resting and keep my eyes closed (yes you just rest with your eyes closed; not a complicated procedure.)  So, off my silly, little head went and…ooop! Funny things started to enter it! I started to laugh and laugh! Then I said in my mind: “Stop laughing!” Well, that just makes it all the worse, right?! Wee PA gets rather punchy when she’s tired.  Things that are already funny become even more funny.  Or, things that aren’t funny at all become a total riot!

One more thing of, perhaps, “serious” interest, may be an occurrence during the “infamous strobe!” Usually my eyes just get a bit twitchy (they’re closed), but whose wouldn’t! This time, I got the same surge of panic that I have felt, before my WORST Simple Partial Motor Seizures.  The tech. asked me if I was alright.  I think my face was contorting in fear, even though my eyes were still shut.  I said I was, in maybe some kind of whimpering voice? She asked me if I wanted to stop.  I said no, and then spat out something along the lines of: “…aura…fear…had it before…”

I told her about it when we were done, and even that I can not stand using the word, “aura.”  I prefer the fact that an “aura” is, in fact, a Simple Partial Seizure.  The words just shot out of me as the strobe was flashing.

Anyway, not sure if that means anything at all.  I don’t know if it will show any epileptiform activity or differing wave patterns. Nonetheless, still something interesting to stick in my brain’s back pocket.

I’m going to have some more tea now.  Maybe the Faeries will still show up? If I’m lucky? I probably should wash my gluey, gummy head, too.  Maybe later.  Or if the Tea Faeries actually arrive, maybe they’ll be extra kind and do me that favour, as well as waking me up?

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