Archive for November 21st, 2009

I am so lucky.  I seriously am.  I really think they have gone above and beyond “Customer Service,” this time.

Because I am still not working, I am on a stoopid guvmunt plan where I need to pay out of pocket for my meds.  As you can imagine, this is rather painful when you are on a limited income.  Especially since I take so many “pressies” from Big Pharma in attempt to keep my head from falling off my shoulders.  That can also be rather painful and quite a feat, as well.  I suppose one (semi-)good thing is that because I take so many bloomin’ meds, and they are so bloomin’ expensive, I eventually…eventually…manage to get them for free.

However, it does take a while.  You see, some stoopid guvmunt drone, in the basement of a building somewhere, sits and pretends they know how to do arithmetic calculations.  The plan then, generously bestows upon me a “deductible.”  Once I surpass that? I’m home “free.”

Now, first my awesome pharmacy always spots me extra pills if/when I get “stoopid” myself, and forget to go for my refills until I am out. Or, they do this if they don’t have enough in stock.  I suspect that a lot of other pharmacies might do this also, but maybe not.  Some could be total meanies.

Today? Oh, my god! I desperately needed my Seroquel/Quetiapine (that of course, I never refilled until I was completely out of them.)  If I don’t have my Seroquel/Quetiapine, I will never sleep again for the rest of my natural born life.  Had I been “unnaturally” born, I wouldn’t be a chronic insomniac, or have any of my other redonculous, mental “issues.”

I went in with only a certain amount of cash on hand.  I really didn’t want to touch my bank account, because it was a significant amount of cash so…well, let’s use it for this specific purpose.  It was why I was hanging on to it.  It was the fee for my next “Head-Shoulder Management Course.”  Thus, some negotiations were required.

My Concerta/Extended Release Methylphenidate was also getting low, but I wasn’t out of it.  That could wait until later, but if we could squeeze that through the door, great.  Well, wouldn’t you know it? The doorway was just, that too narrow! *PA pinches thumb and forefinger really close together*

Guess what they did.  This time, they spotted me the money! They gave me meds without paying!!! Well, perhaps “on loan” is a better way of putting it.  I feel like a barfly that spends too much time in a pub, being a regular.  Although, I suppose it could be quite similar? With the number of times I’m running into the place, filling scripts for this and that…  I’m on a first name basis with the pharmacists, always yapping away about something!

So, I guess you can call me a “drugfly,” now?