I seem to be focussing a bit more on Blip.fm streaming songs, than doing it on my own blog these days.  Not that I’m using Blip that often.  I don’t really want to go all crazy with it.  I see a lot of other “Blippers” uploading songs at a near manic pace! I can’t even follow the (so far) few folks that I’ve added as “Favourites.”  There are only a few since I’ve just started using it.

Most of the time, I have enough problems keeping up with my blog alone, not to mention jumping on Twitter and engaging with people in that arena.  That can be pretty hairy! Also, there is still trying to communicate with people via other avenues.  And gee…personal things that…well, should carry some kind of weight, as opposed to me just screwin’ around? Yeah.

So, let’s get back to MP3 of the Moment, shall we?

Now, although I did just Blip this the other night (now how is that for being “Blippy?”) Blippy in my head. I even said that on Twitter after I Blipped this song! Clearly, I need help.

Anyway, I really love this one.  It makes me feel all “melty and mushy and gooey” inside. *laughing* I’ll give you a head’s up and some background as to what it is, if you don’t already know.  Does that make sense? Am I letting too much of the cat out of the bag or the whole puss altogether? I’m so confused.  I think this further proves how much I do need help.  However, I also think I do need to give the puss free reign, as the song needs a bit of explanation.

If you’re not familiar with the composer, and/or never watched the series “Twin Peaks” by David Lynch, this is a variation of the theme song for the show.  Lynch used Badalamenti exclusively for just about everything? I think he’s an awesome composer, and his music is beautiful.  The variation? Lyrics were added.  The voice? Julee Cruise.  She performed other tracks as well.  I find this one haunting, so sweet, and all about love… *PA gets all melty and mushy and gooey*


“Falling” by Angelo Badalamenti


  1. Ha!

    This would be funny if it wasn’t getting a bit scary.


    My fav from Angelo is “Mysteries of Love” from the Blue Velvet OST. It was something I got from a friend; she introduced me Mr. Badalamenti through last.fm.

    Interesting that you like him too…


  2. Hi Maria. I should go on the hunt for that now. I got all of the Twin stuff from a friend so I just dumped what I liked into iTunes.

    His work is great, though. I met a friend through #LOFNOTC (“PANTS OFF!”) who gave me a link to a bunch of Julee’s stuff he has that I still haven’t checked out. I swear, I am just awful with that stuff! The emails are all starred in my Inbox, though!

    You’re probably wondering what on earth about the hashtag, and comment afterward? #LOFNOTC stands for: “Losers On Friday Nights On Their Computers” and was started by Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls fame.

    It’s quite funny and I’ve been on it a few times, but on some Fridays it gets overwhelming and I just can’t keep up reading. My eyes go so buggy and I have to shut it down.

    The “PANTS OFF!” Well, I don’t know where it originated, but you’re not supposed to participate in #LOFNOTC wearing pants. I don’t know if anyone has actually done this as I’ve never seen a pic posted live of anyone with no pants.

    Moi? I did once. However, I put a pair of boxer shorts on so baby MacBook wouldn’t burn my lap Also I didn’t want to freeze (although do have my duvet on my bed!)

    Okay, supreme deviation. Sort of.


  3. I have only two OSTs; Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet. I think she has everything (my friend, that is…). She also sort of suggested I watch “Mulholland Dr” which…uh…okay, it was good but I dunno, perhaps I am just too concrete and I could not get into it like other people who get to an orgasmic orgy state after watching it. Maybe, I am too boring. Whatev. In any case, no need to go “on the hunt” for I have it.

    If you want it.

    Oh yes, Ms. Amanda Palmer and no, I have not been on it. Hahaha!!! Pants off…hmmm…I usually wear bermuda shorts; almost always. Does that count..? ^.~


  4. Hi Maria. Yes, send. That would be great. Thanks.

    Lynch is hard. Don’t feel alone there. I’ve had to watch a few of his flicks (most?) several times. Not just for understanding them, but for a lot of nuances that I still don’t get! Nonetheless, I do love his work.

    Mulholland was a difficult one for me, too. I do like that it, still. There is one that I cannot stand, though! Ugh. Lost Highway! I will never watch that film ever again in my life!

    Ah, there aren’t any hard and fast rules to #LOFNOTC. No one gives a shit.


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