Happy Third Birthday Blog

As I’ve said to a couple of people recently, I can remember this exact day three years ago and well, here I am today, but:

“…the rest is just a blur…” *laughing*

No, the last three years are kind of hazy regarding this blog.  In a lot of ways, I can’t believe it’s still here! I suppose doing Blog 365 helped it along during 2008, although I didn’t find that a difficult task at all, really.

In looking back through any “haze,” I will say that this blog has changed somewhat, but that can be the nature of blogging.  It was always meant to have a psych/mental illness/whatever you want to say there, angle.  Beyond that? Well, certainly more.

This year? Oh, my! It has been rather ugly messy.  That’s due to my life being rather ugly.  I have no problem with abandoning any strikethrough, as to that statement! So, I’m sorry for a lot of you having to deal with that! I know I’m still having people read me as I can “see” you with my Stats, but not a lot of commenting going on.  That’s fair.  What on earth do you say to a bunch of repetitive complaining and whining about the same things?! *rolls eyes*

Still, I would like to thank you all, old readers and new.  You keep this blog alive.

  1. HB2U






  2. Hi Arkay. So good to see you! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.

    I hope you are doing well? Long time now talk…



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