Beware the Norton Shores Phaneromaniac?!

That’s the closest term I could come up with and it may be more to do with the self, but perhaps this guy took it one step further? And definitely way too far???

Huh? Good grief!

Girl Bitten at ‘New Moon’ Screening.

This occurred in Michigan, by the way.  Norton Shores is a part of it. The story has just come out now, so pretty tough to check the “Urban Legend” business.  I can’t find anything so…


  1. Lili

    It took all day for the news to be updated but it turned out to be a prank pulled between a young girl and her older male friend. However if people didn’t keep up with the story I imagine they are freaking right out. I’d have hated to be a member of that audience.


  2. Hi Lili. Thanks for letting me know. That’s why I added that little piece at the end of my Post. It often turns out that these things, the seemingly “outrageous,” are very much that: pranks. Hence, they get tossed into the Urban Legend Bin.

    However, it was too new for anyone to catch it right away. Call me ridiculous, and I know I am… I also know my sense of humour is completely out of bounds at times. Nonetheless, I just had to put this up. It was one of those things you read about, and I felt it irresistible to toss onto my blog. Yes, my crazy, ol’ blog.


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