Well Shut My Anime Mouth! No, NEVER!

True, you will never shut my Anime/Manga/Graphic Novel little yap! However, while being laid up the last few days from <sarcasm>warm, tasty, post-“ick”tal© goodness</sarcasm> I have had more opportunity to indulge in my childlike, immature (do I have to use that last word?) behaviour.

I spent some time watching our cable network’s Cartoon Channel, and I found something I really like.  Some of you may have already heard of it, but if not, let me fill you in.  It’s called “Johnny Test.”  It was making me laugh.  It’s also geeky, as well as funny.  For example, the word “Isotope” was mentioned in one episode I watched.  Yep.  That would appeal to me!

I’m going to have to toss you a link.  I’m still traipsing through post-“ick”tal© territory and in a bit of a fog.  Plus, the show’s website can give you a more succinct and better description of the characters.

I seriously urge you to read the above.  It is brief and explains it brushstroke, so you’ll know enough.  Well, okay.  If you don’t read it and because I like it so much…  Basically, Johnny is the younger brother of two twin sisters who are uber smart scientists.  They even wear little, white, lab coats and have rockin’, funky glasses! Johnny is always more than willing to have them do something to him–although, with his own ulterior motives! Just for (more) shits and giggles, he wears a black T-shirt with a radiation symbol on it.

There are other characters to add to the mix, of course.  Read the link! Go to Wiki (although Spoiler Alert!)

Another episode I saw yesterday was based around a Horror Movie showing in a theatre.  If you watched the movie, your face would actually become temporarily twisted by the end of it.  It would be all bent out of shape due to how absolutely frightening it was!!!

O.o   8-#   %-)   (.\|/.)   @-|   @?@

I only ever use the first emoticon.  Otherwise, I don’t use them at all.  So, there are some other ones, but only out of dire necessity.  All to display the impact of: “The Horror Movie Contorted Faces!”

I’ve found a good TouYube for you to enjoy, as well.  Please watch.

Johnny Test – Johnny’s Big Snow Job


  1. RealJIMMY

    Have you ever heard of Invader Zim? If not check it out!!


  2. RealJIMMY

    Haha, love the oh so gay studded leather cladded moles btw :P


  3. Hi RealJIMMY. Thanks for dropping by and also thanks for the recommendation. I’m always in the market for new suggestions, so great.

    I know, wasn’t that line the best about their studded shades? Well, there are so many lines throughout the whole show itself, I think. Again, it was just knocking me out!


  4. spectrumdweller

    underground rodents dressed as leather daddies/bottoms at a mexican fiesta in a hole under the earth. an appropriate level of weirdness, meets my approval. almost on par with the S&M clad trolls one has to fight in the hinterlands.


  5. Hi spectrumdweller. *laughing* Glad you can appreciate. Classic, huh?

    PAs gonna grab her some more!


  6. i second above comments. fetish moles *giggle* not to mention twin, red-headed gal scientists *le sigh* i can see there is going to be a lot of youtube happening today. Lol i’m ok with that.

    & have u watched Invader Zim as per Jimmy? bcos really, you wld likesies.


  7. Hi Catatonic Kid. I’m glad you can appreciate this too! Yes, very good!

    I’ve been badsies and not watched yetsies. *hangs head*

    On my list though!


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