You Know? I Haven't Been to the Dentist in a While...

You know? I haven't been to the Dentist in a while...

  1. findingmecrazy

    That made me laugh!


  2. Hey findingmecrazy. Good to see you! It’s been some time. Sorry for not popping by your pad in a while, but I haven’t been “pad popping,” at all. Ugh. I stink!

    I hope things are alright with you?

    Also, glad you liked!



  3. Nor have I. Nor have I.


  4. Hi exactscience. Good to see you too. Hope things are alright?



  5. findingmecrazy

    Yes I know, sorry I haven’t been by in a while, things have been a bit crazy in the real world. How are things with you? x


  6. Hi findingmecrazy. Oh, it’s alright. How silly are we, huh? Perpetually apologizing for not reading each other’s blogs, when we do finally come around to have a visit! Although, I must admit, you are much better at keeping track of me!

    So, “crazy good,” or “crazy bad” for you? I certainly hope the former!


    Well, I’m working as hard as I can to try and get my life back on track. I’ve been trying to get myself into some extra-curricular activities. These will both get me out of the house, and build up some motivation. The reason for this is, I’m still not medically cleared to go back to looking for work. In doing some things like this, that may help? Also, they’ll be good overall.

    Also speaking of “good overall,” I’ve quit drinking. Of course, we know it’s so, so, so bad for us mental cases. Our meds, it’s a depressant but shit. Self-medication is so easy and tempting and alleviates the pain, even if it’s only in the short term. Still, extremely desirable. Also, not just alcohol, but whatever.

    So why? How? What? All of that? I feel rather sheepish about it, as it wasn’t anything to do with the fact that it is “so bad.” No, I’d still be bloody, well doing it, if It wasn’t health related. All of the sudden, I found out it causes me migraines! It never did before. And they’re really bad ones, too.

    So, it’s a definite no-no. Regardless, I’m on the wagon now, so it’s still good.

    My health? I’m still seizing away! Can’t get rid of those nasty buggers! Well, Epilepsy is what it is, I guess. Maybe they’ll ease up when my life stabilizes. I’d like to think that. No news on the VEEG yet. Well, I’d be blogging about that if I’d gone in, for sure, right!

    I guess that’s it? I’m trying to be as brief as I can as this is like a Post in my Comment Section!

    Feel free to come and back and give an equally lengthy update here, as well!



  7. NAK

    This is what people like me and PA did before there was an internet. LOL


  8. Hi NAK. Probably lots more? Maybe we still do it? And more? *ponders*

    (Naughty) SPAZ O.o


  9. Fabulous Frenzy

    LOL!!! Good one ;)


  10. Hi Fabulous Frenzy. Glad you liked it. *grins*


  11. findingmecrazy

    I’m back to give a hopefully not too lengthy update! Unfortunately they’ve been crazy bad, there’s just been a lot going on and therapy has been intense and they’ve changed my meds yet again! Which means at least they’re listening to me and realising that something needs to change! Mostly just looking forward to Christmas and my birthday.

    I’m sorry to hear you’re all seizing, I really hope the doctors come up with a brainwave soon!
    I think it’s good you’re doing lots of extra-curricular activities, it’s good to try and keep busy, I suppose it can help keep your mind off other things.

    And it’s probably a good thing you’re going off wine, as you say it’s not good for us depressives and especially not if it’s giving you such bad migraines. Definitely a reason to stop drinking. I did cut out drinking for a few months but given as I’m a student I seem to spend half my time in bars so I’ve started drinking again, but I’m trying to keep it light.

    And well done with the nominations!



  12. Hey findingmecrazy. Thanks for coming back and giving me an update. Sorry that it turned out to be “crazy bad,” though. However, I do see some “crazy good,” up there.

    Even though you say that the therapy has been intense and some med changes are going on, you also said that folks are listening and that’s a good thing. Yes? It’s a bad thing if folks aren’t listening. Yes?

    Also, Happy Christmas and Happy Birthday in advance!

    Yep, the seizures are sucking big bags of rocks, and a very large bag yesterday. However, I am staunchly trying to put that out of my “mind.” Harrumph!

    Good that you at least stopped drinking for a bit? Maybe you can get back to that if you really want to, but moderation is also very good. Hey, we all have to just keep working away at things the best we can, right?

    Thanks so much as well about the nominations. Flattered, indeed but deserving? *shrug* Thrilled to be up there with all the others, for sure. Definitely.

    Take care hon’


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