With my life, there is never a dull moment.  However, sometimes these moments turn out to be completely, absolutely, over the top, panic-stricken-ones!!! Apart from my hair being on fire right now, I also can’t tell if my heart is about to explode, or it’s already stopped altogether.

I was busy just a little while ago and my mobile rang (I was actually on my landline at the time.)  I picked up my mobile and looked at the display.  Who ‘dat? They left a VM.  After I finished my other call, I listened to the message.

Can you guys wait a sec’? I need to go have a smoke and take a Valium before I continue writing this! Thanks in advance for your patience.

Huh.  It’s starting to rain outside.  I stood in it.  RAIN NOT PUTTING OUT MY BURNING HAIR!!!

I listened to the message, and then it sort of (sort of?) hit me as soon as I heard the voice on the other end.  It was a woman from a Recruiting Agency, who said she had my resume and a job she wanted to speak to me about.  AHHHH!!! (Note: I am not screaming in a good way.)

If you are new here, I have been unemployed since being laid off from the spring of 2008.  It has been devastating as you can probably imagine.  Thus, you can also probably imagine a call about a prospective job would be a good thing.  It is NOT! Well, not right now?

The problem is, or at least one problem is, I am not “medically cleared” for work.  In fact, I am not even medically cleared to look for work.  I’ve been too sick physically, and out of my mind as well, that…ugh.  I have an appt. with Merlin #2 (my shrink if you are also new), on the 9th.  His goddamn hair might bloody well ignite if I walk in and tell him how much “progress” I have made lately, in that, I’ve found a job!

I have said lately that I agree with him that I’m not exactly “work ready” right now, too.  As much as I desperately need a job, I’m hesitant that with all that has gone on (and on and on…), that I might have a total meltdown if I get too stressed out.  Or one, big, mother of a brain, frying seizure? Granted, I’m still sticking with stress as the reason for those becoming so out of control since said joblessness.  Although, a new job is kind of stressful? *rolls eyes*

Then, there’s the upcoming VEEG.  A lot of places keep you on a probationary period where they can fire your (MY!) sorry ass for any reason they please.  Well, tell the VEEG folks to push me down the list because of that?

I have no record of dealing with this Agency, as well.  I checked their website, and like a lot of them–sneaky bastards! Nothing that remotely resembles the “job” that this woman mentioned, no mention at all of her on the site, yet another woman’s name regarding other available positions.  Yep, reel in other unemployed folks like me! Gotta get the business! Gotta get your clients!


I guess I have to call her tomorrow.  Fuck, me! Prior to things really going off the rails when I was actively applying for jobs, I was getting nowhere.  I have several non-negotiables, so the whole thing could go up in flames immediately with that phone call, anyway.  That is, if I can squeeze enough information out of her.  There is nothing more ridiculous than wasting your time, getting all fancied up to meet with a Recruiter, just to find out it was all for nought!

Still, the whole Recruitment Agency Model requires that they really do need their unemployed clients.  Without them, they can’t earn the money from the paying businesses that need their positions filled in the first place!

This is insane.  Welcome to “The Land of PA.”


  1. Yikes!!! No wonder why your head is spinning. I hope something good comes out of all of this. (((HUGS)))


  2. dorfird

    Oh, good. I was afraid your head was *literally* on fire.


  3. Hi mom. Thanks. I wasn’t expecting that call! Totally out of the blue. I have been off of the market for so long now.

    How long has it been? Hard to remember! At least since the spring of this year I’d say. That was just before my last hospitalization and after that? Not job ready; not cleared!

    So, I’m up at a decent time, need tea and will probably come back here and just leave a comment within this Post’s own Comment Thread to let everyone know.

    It will probably be a brief tidbit of information, anyway.

    Hi dorfid, Thanks for stopping by. You’re funny. Or maybe my Post Title is? Even when panicking I still try to in”fuse” some humour here?


  4. Hi patientanonymous, thanks for stopping by and giving everyone an update on your blog.

    Hey, no problem patientanonymous.

    Well folks, the call was never placed today. I mentioned it earlier on Twitter, but somewhat of a disaster struck. I woke up early (as I have been doing for a while now), and began my tea ritual etc… Get it all together, try to be coherent. I even made some notes.

    Then I had a auditory/phonic seizure. Yes? I began to hear music playing. A piano, specifically. I have never had a phonic seizure before. The upstairs tenant was not awake, the downstairs was at work, there was no music playing anywhere.

    The sound was consistent and lasted several minutes. I freaked out, needed a Valium/Diazepam, and well…I guess you can figure it all out from there.

    I am not very happy about this. That is an understatement. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I will tomorrow? *shakes head*


  5. Job hunting sucks at the best of times. Let alone when things are a little weird. :)


  6. Hi Svasti. Thanks.


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