Another Unbelievable Honour

On the heels of already receiving consideration for one of the Top 10 Bipolar Blogs of 2009 by Psych Central, oh boy.  I have now been nominated for one of the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards.

As above? Unbelievable.  I don’t like self-promotion that much.  Although, I am extremely flattered to even be considered for this, just as I was by the people from Psych Central.  So, here I am in my Category.  Feel free to vote! *rolls eyes*

Really though, I expect it to be a lot of fun–as these things are to be.  Also, check out all of the other great blogs if you go there. Lots of Categories! Lots of blogs!


  1. arifaery

    Well, I haven’t exactly been a devoted reader for the past few months, but you TOTALLY deserve this honor. You have my vote! (nods vigorously!)

    P.S. I hope you put out your burning hair.

    P.S.S. I am trying to get back into blogging, but I can’t promise my ADD-like mind will stay focused right now. If you reply to this comment and I don’t come on here and see it you can leave a comment on my blog.

    Okay, I’m gonna stop talking…er…typing. And I’m going to try to figure out how to subsribe to your blog so I am actually able to keep up withit.


  2. Hi arifaery. Good to see you! Aw, come on! You are a devoted reader! You made that comment some time ago, about needing a regular dose of me, or something like that. You made me laugh so hard!

    Thank you so much for the vote, and how much I “deserve” the honour. Again, I wonder about that, but yes, so very flattered.

    I think my hair is alright now. It’s very dry in my flat, so I am constantly chugging back bottles of water. I poured a few over my head. I was doing laundry as well, so then I shoved my head in the washing machine. I think that managed to calm things down.

    I’ll pop over to your place now, and let you know I have responded here. I know how hard it can be to keep up with blogging, too. It can be difficult to come up with ideas, and so many times I think all I do is just moan and groan a lot here!

    There are several ways that you can subscribe to me, if you’d like. AHHH!!! More flattery!

    You can RSS me. If you scroll down to where it says, “THE PORTAL,” there are two links that say “Entries RSS,” and “Comments RSS.” That will give you a feed to Posts and Comments. That may be a bit much? I don’t know. I have ADD, too! *laughing*

    There are various “Feed Readers” that can be found (like, within Google), where you can subscribe to a whole bunch of things, not only blogs?

    Perhaps the best thing to do, is go to a Widget that I just put up. It’s just below my Twitter link. If you click on it, you can subscribe to my Posts via email. What do you think of that?

    And to finish…I hope you’re doing well, hon.



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