In light of my appt. with Merlin #2 this afternoon, I really can not think of a better song to stream for MP3 of the Moment.

“She’s Lost Control” by Joy Division


  1. hee hee hee! though i have no audio (here @ the library) to listen to it, just the title strikes me funny – but also begs the question…

    When exactly in recent memory did “She” *ahem* uh, actually have said control to lose? ;)


    Seriously, hope things went as reasonably well as possible with your appt today (((((PA)))))


  2. Hi Arkay. Good to see you…again!

    You’re a funny, funny boy! I have missed our highly, enjoyable wordplay sessions! Absolutely!

    And you know me well. Control? Moi?

    The song by Joy Division, is actually about a chick totally cracking up and going mental! *laughing* So…yes, appropriate for me, as well!

    The appt. was… *sighs* It was what it was. I guess that’s all that I can say?

    Thanks for the hugs and right back at ya!


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