Thank You To Everyone Who Voted For Me!

Yes! Thank you very, very much to everyone who voted for me for the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards.  I was most flattered to be nominated, however, I did not make it into the Top 10 to move on to the Second Round of voting.  That’s just fine, though.  These things, as I mentioned before, are all about fun.

My Category (Personal), was very large.  It had a lot of blogs within it, so I really didn’t expect to make the Top 10, anyway! *laughing* I didn’t fully understand the voting system, as you could vote for your choice of 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc… but there was also a ranking option, and things could then get transferred to other nominees… *shakes head in confusion* Either way, I somehow ended up in the middle.  I think? Still, that’s fine! More crazy flattery! *blushing*

Again, thank you so much to everyone who felt I was worthy of this.  I’m not sure when the voting will commence for the Second Round, but keep checking the site if you want to go back for more!


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