How Many Times Can One Go to To the Bathroom in Single Day?

I’ll let you know when I reach my “personal best.”

I was rather pleased with myself for actually making it out to J.’s for dinner yesterday, despite feeling like crap. Quel drag about his dinner, though.  I didn’t really get to enjoy it, as per the title? I had to stay a bit afterward, to ensure I could make it home “safely.”  J. doesn’t stock any Depends™ (or any other brands of Adult Diapers), at his place.  Not that I would have wanted to wear one on my way home, for fear of smelling like 13 day old strips of used bog roll, and/or an outhouse.

If you don’t know, I’ve mentioned on Twitter that my Gastro issues from about four years ago, have returned.  As a result, I have now restarted the “Therapy” Gastro Man and I began.  Multitudes of tests didn’t show anything from a distinct, medical diagnosis, nonetheless, I was still sick as hell–as I am now.

I had jokingly said when doing this years ago: “The cure is worse than the disease.”  It really isn’t pleasant, but it is difficult to distinguish when one is already ill.  Still, treatments of any kind can be brutal, at least in the beginning.  So, at the moment, my body is now an Internal Medicine “A-Movie Horror Show!”

The therapy is copious amounts of a special type of bran.  It is more powerful than what you would find in any type of cereal off the shelf.  I start off “slow,” but then increase from there.  I’m trying to remember how long it took us to get me better before.  Several weeks?

Even though all of this is now giving me the cleanest Colon you would think imaginable, it is nothing compared to my prep for my Endoscopy and Colonoscopy! Oh, holy shit! I was going to nix taking the day off work, but I was sooo glad I didn’t! On that day, I did reach my “personal best.”  Yes, I am quite sure of that?

I don’t need this right now, but that is the dumbest thing to say.  When is it ever a good time to get sick, either mentally or physically? However, now I need to start paying some serious attention to things.  Again.

I was actually curious about my weight the other day, while putting on some clothes.  I don’t have a scale at home, so I weighed myself at J.’s.  I messed about, shoes on, shoes off.  Shoes on? Just hovering under 100lbs.  Although, home scales aren’t always as accurate as medical ones? Moot point.  I still need to keep a watch on my weight.  If I’m getting sick again, it may just start falling off me all over (again), and I can’t afford that.  I never even regained all that I lost the first time around.

The next, and really more crucial thing, is the anaemia.  I recently had a full blood panel, and it was one of the two things that I wanted specifically tested.  It needed to be monitored regularly and I had let it slide.  When all of this happened originally, I became so anaemic my Ferritin completely bottomed out.  I’d never been anaemic in my entire life! Not to mention, despite the “Gastric Freakshow” I became, I had no loss of energy.

I spoke to my GPs office and the Ferritin results came back exactly as I suspected.

  • 2007 – Basement.
  • 2008 – Rooftop due to supplementation.
  • 2009 – Living Room? Bedroom? I don’t know, but somewhere in the middle of the house?

Now, it doesn’t take an idiot to put all of the pieces together here.  My Ferritin needed to be monitored anyway on a regular basis.  I’m sick again and my Ferritin is borderline.  It’s in need of continual monitoring definitely, now! What could potentially be happening–even as I am now typing this? Plus, I am tired.  Folks, I am.

Also while I have been typing this, my GPs office just called.  I have been given the date for my appt. with Gastro Man.  He’s a busy dude, so not for a couple of months yet.  My GP is on Mat. Leave, and I am seeing her replacement in a couple of weeks.  I’m going to tell her all of this, and ask for an IV treatment for the anaemia.

You might now be asking, “IV? What?”

Before, I was taking daily supplements in pill form.  After a while, I stopped them and told Gastro Man, “Screw this! They suck and do not agree with me!” We then discussed the IV alternative.  It’s a pain, as you have to stay hooked up for quite a while, but it’s worth it as it shoots you up fast! Then, you don’t need to bother about it all for a while.  After that, more bloodwork (which they are going to do anyway!) in a few months.

I don’t have time for this shit. I don’t want to project into the future, either, but…? I just want to get better, and hopefully as quickly as possible.  That’s why I’m doing everything I can–as fast as possible! Because by the time February rolls around, if I’m still screwed and all sick, Gastro Man might re-order the whole battery of tests.  That is why I don’t want to “project,” or worry too much about the future.

I’m not waiting around.  I need to keep moving forward with my life! Besides, I can’t “wait around” in agony, anyway.  Especially when I know there are things that I can try.


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