MP3 of the Moment Series That’s Got PA Flippin’!

This band and its first CD are currently driving me mental! I finally added it to my library after buying it years ago.  Yes, blame my ADD and Supreme Procrastination for that! Boy, did I give myself a hard ass kickin’ after eventually doing it!

To me, it’s one of those discs where every track is awesome!  You can listen to the entire thing over and over and over again! Which now necessitates me to somehow decide which songs to stream.

My favourites are the ones that are the saddest.  Gee, I wonder why? *laughing* Just kidding.  PA likes happy songs, too! It’s just somehow those that are…so…ahhh! They almost make me want to cry.

I remember having a discussion with another blogger (and I have no clue where this person is anymore!) about what songs we would put on a CD for our funerals.  No, really! I joked with this person I might not have to bother making any, because no one would show up, anyway! *laughing even more*

However, there’s one here that I would definitely choose: “Koan.”  So, you’re getting that, for sure!

Alright.  I think I’ve finally decided!

  1. “Ozymandias”
  2. “Koan”
  3. “Vertigo”

The band is Guggenheim Grotto and the CD is “…Waltzing Alone.”


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