From Aspie Penguin…

Hello.  I thought I would introduce myself.  I’m new to you folks, and of course it would only be the polite thing to do.  Also, chances are you will see me around here a bit.  In fact, I’m already “here” as PA has put me on her sidebar with my email address.  However, if it is easier for everyone, I can be reached via hers (as indicated on the sidebar, as well.)

Who am I? What do I do? Well, I try and look after PA, but she’s a real pain in the arse sometimes! Although, I say that with love, I really do.  Can I say that with love? Well, I do love her.  Even if she’s such a pain in the arse! So, based upon that, she keeps me busy.  Very.

I don’t think I will set up my own blog.  Quite simply because she keeps me so busy! I just wouldn’t have the time for it! So, I think I’ll use hers to let you know what she’s up to and what crazy antics and trouble she keeps getting into…oh, dear.

So, yes.  You probably will see me around here.  Maybe more than “a bit?”  We’ll all probably have to wait and see for now.

Take care,


  1. *waves to Aspie Penguin*


  2. theaspiepenguin

    Hi Catatonic Kid. Nice to meet you!

    *waves back*


  3. (((((AP)))))

    thank-you for looking out for the “pain in the arse!”

    and if PA hasn’t ‘warned’ you about me, get her to, just in case ;)

    Tee hee hee!



  4. theaspiepenguin

    Hi Arkay. Nice to meet you and thanks for the hugs.

    Yes, I am trying to look after the “pain in the arse,” and it can be a real full time job!

    We’ve been pretty crazy together lately, so she hasn’t had a chance to fill me in about you. I’ll be sure to ask. However, from the way you’ve introduced yourself so far…?

    Oh, wait. I just read your last comment. I think I get the picture–or part of it! You’re going to be a fun guy to have around here!

    Take care,


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