One X-mASS Thing Done and Selfridges! Really?

I met with my friend R. who is home from London today.  Odd.  Well, not “odd” that he’s home from London! No, I was “odd.”  Somewhat, Aspie.  I couldn’t make eye contact with him for quite some time.  He’s my friend! Good grief! My nerves must still be getting the better (or worse?) of me.

We met for tea/coffee, had lunch and then of course, went shopping! R. had run out of his “eye cream,” and had to pick up more!

Fancy, little poofter.  Well, PA can be a “fancy, little poofter,” too! Although, that term is really reserved for men.  Plus, she wasn’t exactly dressed to the nines going out.

So, off we went to our most expensive shop in the city.  Interesting thing I learned.  Its parent company owns both it and Selfridges! If you don’t know what Selfridges is, it’s a bloody, “Fancy Poofter” chain of shops in the UK! Alright, it’s not a “Poofter Palace,” but I can guarantee you’ll find lots of them in there, blowing all their quid! Trust me, I’ve been there.

While “Big Poofter” was fawning all over this and that, I said to him that it was only fair that “Little Poofter” got her chance, as well! Little Poofter needed to satisfy her lust, by wistfully longing over all the lingerie.  By “longing,” Little Poofter means that she can not afford to buy any right now.  Still, Little Poofter could try and inconspicuously wipe the dribbles of drool from her mouth, while gazing disconsolately at all the pretty undergarments.

Disconsolately? Is it so close to X-mASS they don’t have that much of a selection to cover your ass?! Little Poofter was shocked! Big Poofter said they have a much better selection at Selfridges.  Indeed…

Little Poofter is definitely going to have to swing by the lingerie department of Selfridges the next time she’s in London! *laughing*


  1. Fashion show if you do!!! Pictoral blog post i’m thinking ;)

    (oh That is Hilarious! – the ‘editor’ prompted ‘Pictoral as being spelt wrong and the second suggestion is “Pict-oral” LOL!!! – i am picturing small welsh people doing a naughty hahahahahahaha!)

    of course your reference to doing it in England helps. :P

    Seriously, when you do get to the UK again, i WILL be expecting a pictoral post – and the poofter stuff can be pics of your shopping trip, k?




  2. Hi Arkay. *smirks* Good to have you back around here for some engaging wordplay. Even if the spellchecker had to jump in?

    “Pict-ORAL.” Nice. Adds an entire new level and/or flair to the whole lingerie, shopping expedition. I like it! However, I’m thinking literally of the shopping; not necessarily of a bunch of Welsh folks.

    Also, I am not thinking of posting photos of me, posing in beautiful unmentionables on my blog.

    ASIDE: Why do they call them “unmentionables?” By stating that, you’re already “mentioning” them. Alright, not “describing” them, but still.

    The English Language can be so frightfully ridiculous, however, that really is a good thing. If that were not to be true, how much more pitiful my life would be, as what would happen to my wordplay?

    Ah, yes. “Doing it in England!”

    Lie on your back and think of the Queen (of England?) Pity you if the sex is that bad!

    I have had sex in England. Not with Big Poofter. That wouldn’t make sense, as I am Little Poofter–and I’m a woman.

    No, this was many, many years ago with Little Poofter’s first (and only) serious ex-boyfriend. We also had sex on a mountain in Scotland amidst a plethora of goats. We didn’t have sex with any goats, though.


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