Hello, Everyone.

There are a couple of things that PA isn’t saying.  This may or may not be of much importance to you, but maybe it will be to her.  She’s still getting her bearings, starting her tea and not quite coherent (not at all!) but I fully intend to talk to her about this as soon as possible.  It might make some sense to her.  So right now, I’ve decided to “Karpe Diem the Keyboard!”

Like Stimming being based upon a lot repetition for us Aspie folk, there is a lot of repetition involved in PTSD.  Stimming helps Aspies calm down in their environment (hopefully.)  The repetition of PTSD? Not so much.  Bummer.  Bummer Extraordinaire!

What is happening with my poor, little PA, is that with all that is going on, other things are being triggered in a PTSD manner.  However, there’s a twist.  Prior to all of this occurring, when she was fine, these other things were…”fine.”  Yes? She had resolved them in her mind.  Perhaps? With PTSD being such a Bummer Extraordinaire, it can be difficult to tell, but I do need to discuss this idea with her.  This notion, should it be true, may help her get through things in the immediate future. *crosses fins*

Also, it will prove interesting to see if what was perceived as “fine,” returns to “fine,” after she settles down.

The second thing she is not talking about, is the fact that she is…”not talking.”  This is also rooted in her PTSD.  She is reverting to old behaviours.  All the way back to childhood, in fact.  She is suppressing everything, and refusing to talk about anything all! At least in great detail?

To a lot of people, this may simply look like “denial” on the outside.  Nothing could be further from the truth! The only place where there may be any possible form of “denial,” is within PAs own crazy mind! However, it is not a denial of all that I explained above.  Hardly.  It is a literal form of denial.  She knows the score.  She’s not living in a fantasy land.  Or, if she is in any way–that I need to discuss with her, as well.

Nonetheless, people.  The literal form of denial? The refusal to open up? Instead, shutting it all down and reverting to behaviours of the past? Denying herself of her own privilege to express things? That type of “denial” is purely born of fear.

This still may not make much sense to her at this given time.  I firmly believe that it’s something she needs to be told, though.  She needs any and every piece of help she can get–even if it is only is a tailor made, convoluted version of Psych 101.


  1. :)


  2. theaspiepenguin

    Hi Fabulous Frenzy. *smiles back* Thanks.


  3. Uh, are you a penguin now? Sure is a cute one.


  4. theaspiepenguin

    Hi Fabulous Frenzy. Are you asking if PA is now a Penguin or if I am now a penguin?

    Well, PA is still PA and always will be–I’m guessing, at least. Metaphysics, the paranormal…other stuff like that really isn’t my specialty so she could turn into something at any moment, I suppose…even a penguin?

    As for me? Yes. I am a penguin now, and apart from any metaphysical stuff, I hope to remain one! I’m all good with my penguin life!

    And…if you’re calling me cute…awww…thanks! *blushing*


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