My Funniest Christmas Pressie Yet! A “Dysgraphia Pen!”

You wouldn’t necessarily think such a thing would exist, would you? Well, okay.  Such a thing doesn’t.  Unless you consider every pen that I own, and will ever touch in my entire lifetime! *laughing* No, that is just what I called it: “My Dysgraphia Pen!”

If you don’t know what Dysgraphia is, what it boils down to is a difficulty, to some degree, regarding one’s ability to write.  You can also have other problems with fine motor skills, but not always.  I do to some degree there, as well.

I have Asperger’s and it is quite commonly associated with that Developmental Disorder, and with the other various Disorders on the Autistic Spectrum.  However, it is not limited to the Autistic Spectrum alone.  It can also be tied to AD(H)D, plus more.  I have been dx’d with ADD, too.  Inattentive Type!

My Dysgraphia? I reverse letters, numbers…sometimes my writing will become less legible, even if I do manage to get the letters and numbers in their correct order.  It’s very frustrating, and I have to concentrate a fair bit if I need to write something down that absolutely needs to be legible! Even if it’s something, perhaps less important, I may be forced to give up and just leave it “as is,” with several scratched out words on the page!


I also write in Block Caps.  Much easier for the entire world to decipher what I am trying to relay.  That way, people hopefully won’t have to spend twice as many hours “de-coding” my missives.

So, my pressie? I got it from my friend J.  He knows about my Dysgraphia.  We both even call me, “Dysgraphia Girl.” *rolls eyes*  That said, boy did he get a chuckle out of this pressie! It wasn’t even for him!

Oh, wow.  I’m actually smirking as I type this.  It’s a plastic, battery operated, “vibrating” pen.  I know, naughty jokes all around!!!

It has several, little (also plastic), pen nibs in different colours.  You pop them into a hole at the bottom of the pen, and when you write, everything comes out all “squiggly!” I was just dying when I was trying to use it!

And…  It’s also kind of stimmy! There’s a clear bubble on top with an orange disc inside.  It spins like nuts when you turn it on! WHOO!

J. knows me far too well.  In fact, while I was there? I was getting a bit stimmy, so I grabbed one of my Tangles®. What did J. say to me?

“Stimmy, Stimmy, Stimmy.  Tangle, Tangle, Tangle.”

I just looked at him and said, “Yep.” *laughing*


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