Maybe this won’t torture you.  Maybe you’re a fan of 90s Dance Music.  However…

Little Poofter went to see Big Poofter last night, as he is flying back to London in a couple of days.  She brought baby MacBook as she wasn’t sure if he had any CDs left at his “Canadian Home.”  Not really.  Though, a few that he handed over as he said he may not be back until at least next Christmas?

Little Poofter and Big Poofter are really stoopid together.  Or they can be.  He burned her a CD and while some of the music is good, oh the laughs they had at other tracks! Some laughs were warranted for “good” songs but…  Blasts from the past?

So, this was a pure howl as they got a chance to “re-live” their gay clubbing days of years ago with all their “Fellow Poofters.”  Little Poofter was the only “Female Poofter.”  If she was straight, she would have been the biggest Fag Hag going!

Oh, here’s another one from the past.  It involves a straight (or not?!) guy friend they had.  Little Poofter nicknamed him “Muscle Muffin” as he was small, but would never cease to “brag” about how good shape he was in (not really…)  He started having this “fling” with some little twink, that Little Poofter then nicknamed “Linda Evangelista.”  No, this young kid really looked like her! No joke!

Anyway, on with the show!

“Where Do You Go” by No Mercy

Sorries, indeed, if “no mercy” has been spared with this one. *laughing*


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