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The documentation for this will be pretty much as messy as per my last seizure.  This is due to the length of time and the events that occurred for both.  Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as bad as my last seizure! God, not even close! That one is way up there as one of my absolute worst! *heaves HUGE sigh of relief*

The LAST thing I need right now is to end up post-“ick”tal© for the next few days! Maybe I shouldn’t speak (write?) so soon? I think I’ll be fine.

Okay.  The entire duration lasted app. 40 minutes? I was travelling home from J.’s, and because of the various events, there was no possible way for me to time everything.  I can make some guesses? There were two things that were relatively consistent, however.  Epigastric rising and DP/DR were present with the events as they occurred, rather hither and yon.

To begin, two Olfactory Seizures.  The first consisted of a smell of faeces alone.  The second consisted of both faeces and a smell of a type of cheese that would be strong–the type that would put a lot of people off, but I can not give you an exact example.  Like Limburger? I don’t know.  I can’t describe it.  These lasted under a minute, but I can not say how long apart they occurred.  I would guess…several minutes? I know.  How long is “several minutes?” A bit of my consciousness was altered by the Simple Partial DP/DR?

After that, some intermittent, rapid eye blinking and blurred vision.  I could not time it all, though, because it was SO intermittent! Not being able to take accurate accounts of my seizure activity drives me nuts.

My right arm began to feel ever, so slightly weak.  Just a tiny, tiny bit.  My neck felt a bit more weak, but not so much.  Not so much as before, when I have not been able to support my head.  This time, I only felt like I was about to reach that point…perhaps? Again, only just a touch of weakness there?

No specific time measurements with that, either.  The DP/DR was still monkeying about.  I did manage to find a seat where I could prop myself up against a bit of “wall.”  Lots of fun to suddenly fall all over the damn place, drop to the floor, or who knows what in front of a crowd! *rolls eyes*

Actually, it’s okay.  I’ve done it before.  You could say I’m kind of used to it? “Public Displays of Epilepsy?” *laughing*

I guess that’s it? Oh, and if anyone is wondering about “smelling shit” when you have a seizure? That’s actually a really common type of Olfactory Seizure.  I know.  Weird, huh? It makes you constantly want to check the bottoms of your shoes! *laughing again*

POSTSCRIPT: Actually, coin toss.  Or, can a coin land on both of its sides at once?

I’m really, really tired right now.  Am I post-“ick”tal©? Is it stress? Both? No doubt (or I’m “betting”) the stress lowered my threshold enough to seize.  But now I’m thinking…40 minutes is a damn, long time for your brain to be all Trippin’ Out in Epilepsy Land–even if you’re not continually seizing. If I was, I’d be in Simple Partial Status, and WHOO, I’d be one little screwed up PA! Then, I’d be screaming post-“ick”tal©!

After you seize, you can go through various stages of being post-“ick”tal©  Immediately post-“ick”tal© you can become very tired.  Even well after you seize, too.  I may just be there, now? Ah, well.  If I wake up sick as a dog tomorrow morning, I’ll just be moaning, “Epilepsy Sucks…Epilepsy Sucks…” over and over again. *smirks*