Time to Go Back to School?

Yes, it just might be.  I had forgotten about this.  Which should really come as no surprise, as I forget about a lot of things.  I took a “Beginner’s Web Design Course,” over two years ago.  I thought it might make me more employable.  No, it made me more insane.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and let’s just say that I am extremely weak in this area.

The place where I studied also offers other courses.  Aha.  This was by far, the most important call I needed to make today, in trying repair my entire, professional life.  I didn’t know if they still offered the course.  Plus, I needed to do a bit of “weasling,” to see if I could pull off things exactly as I wanted.  I think I may have done it.

You see, the course is offered over a significant period, and I can’t wait that long.  Come this spring, I will have been out of work for two goddamn years!!! If I was going to do this, I needed to try and fast track myself through the entire process.  I had to negotiate, and basically tailor the complete program to my own benefit! Weasling, indeed! *laughing*

I am not a good negotiator.  Not at all! I think Spock may have stepped in and taken over.

The guy who runs the place is really good.  We spent a fair amount of time on the phone, going over various options and scenarios, with me telling him what I needed and wanted.  He didn’t really disagree with anything I had to say.  Rather the opposite, actually! We seemed to agree on pretty much everything!

So, how did I do this? Well, I “forgot” about some uni. stuff I already had under my belt.  Also, combined with my previous work experience, more to chop off this course? We then ran through what was left, and he said he would get back to me–presumably to crunch some numbers.  I could possibly qualify for some financial assistance, but I repeated to him, I do not have the time to find out! I’ll take what they can give me ASAP! I’ll pay out of pocket!

One thing they offer with it, as well, is some CO-OP stuff.  I told him I’d definitely go for that if I can get my hands on it! Looks good on the resume, possible job prospects via Networking…who knows? Hell, maybe a placement where I do it? *head spinning over all of this*

I also called Merlin #2 for an appt.  There’s some more “professional weasling” stuff there to deal with–also just a mental tete-a-tete required. *sighs*

I still need to do other stuff today.  This is taxing, however.  I’m taking a break and trying very hard not to slip into “Procrastination Mode.”  I think I’m failing on that one. *suddenly feels exhausted*


  1. EnigmaAnonymous

    :DDDD That’s AWESOME!!!! Awesome PA :D Yay *dances around* You can do it!! ;D


  2. Hi EnigmaAnonymous. Good to see you here. I think this is the first time you have commented on my blog!

    Thanks so much for your support. Yes, I hope this does come to fruition. Again, this guy is pretty good and since I went there before, hopefully that will help, as well.

    This is still one big, fat “Yikes-O-Rama” but if I can…I don’t know… *crosses eyes*


  3. EnigmaAnonymous

    Lol it is the first time I commented. I had always thought it was a tricky process. . . so never tried Spaz O.o Was. . . actually so easy it’s embarassing O_O


  4. Hi EnigmaAnonymous. Oh, please try not to feel embarrassed! I’m always trying myself, not to say “don’t feel this/that way…” to people as really, every feeling or emotion serves a purpose. I know, hard to believe with the negative ones, but they do, as well. At least I like to think so, as I look back on things and see that I may have learned from situations. Possibly?

    Okay! Here we go with me trying to write anything after waking and having no tea!

    Really, though, blogging with all of these various platforms and apps. is not that difficult. Crap! I know we need to get working on yours! I said I’d start digging into all of the stuff that template had to offer, and then get you running through the paces.

    Maybe I can start that up today, because as per this Post and other “life things,” I need to sort of wait a bit, due to the “order” in which I pursue certain avenues and blah, blah, blah… It’s kind of a pain in the anxiety dept., yet perhaps a blessing as well, in that I don’t have to tackle everything at once. I don’t know. *shakes head*

    OMG! I forgot I need to write something here re: a literary review, as well! Where is my head?!

    Anyway, thanks for coming back, too.



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