Archive for January 7th, 2010

Hello, to you all.  Things may or may not be a bit quiet around here for…well, I don’t know that either! Will it be quiet? If so, for how long? I just wanted to share at least that little bit, though.  Yes, sometimes people get a little worried if others “disappear” from the online world.  Even more so, if that person is under a lot of stress.

PA is under a lot of stress.  She’s back to keeping somewhat odd hours due to that fact, and…well, things seem a bit out of my reach, but I’m trying my best to keep what I can, on an even keel.

Tonight she continued to “negotiate” with what looks more and more like her future place of education–and the gentleman who runs it.  Her blood pressure began to rise when she looked at the total cost of the complete program.  However, she is tailoring it specifically to her needs, as she has already acquired certain knowledge in the field.  Let us all hope with that “acquired knowledge,” the tuition will drop proportionately in significant amounts!

I’m going to try and coerce little PA to get some rest now, even if it’s not sleep.  I’ll get her knocked out eventually, though.  Even if I have to wrestle her to the ground and shove her meds down her throat!

Take care,