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I opened up my email today and found quite a surprise! I had to read it a couple of times.  It seems I have been nominated for one of The 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards. I see. I have no idea how this happened.  At least with the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards, I did.  Although, what I mean to say is, how in a certain way–how I was literally nominated.  Here? No clue.

I put up a little Tweet, but if one of my Followers pulled a “sneaky,” they didn’t “@patientanon.”  If it wasn’t one of my Followers, they still didn’t “@” me.  If it was another fellow blogger, or reader that I know, they are remaining silent.  Do they think they are playing some sort of prank on me? That’s fine.  The last option could be a reader of mine, who is remaining just as anonymous as I am.  That’s fine, as well.  In fact, all of the options are fine, as I am extremely flattered.  Again!

This is the third time that my blog has been considered for any type of award; any type of recognition on such a large scale.  This befuddles me and boggles my mind, immensely.  It never has before in the three years (and a bit), that it’s been up and running.  I don’t think either my blog, or I, am worthy of such attention! Seriously, people.

With Psych Central, I had no clue until I saw a Google incoming link.  It was about someone else winning a blog award, but it didn’t specify the award.  It did mention the author’s blog name, though.  I wasn’t familiar with the blog, and how I was connected with it, so I clicked and read.  BONG! I was considered as a “Top Ten’er” by Psych Central for the Bipolar Category! Huh?

I was even more confused with the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards.  Also, all three of these accolades’ badges are on my left sidebar, including links to their sites.

I didn’t even know I had been nominated, until I saw some Referrals from my web stats! Then, I completely got caught up in a huge melee, as it was a real, “Hip, Hip, Ho!” No, really! It went so fast! All of the nominations and voting was done right at the end of year.  Since I’d never been nominated for anything, I was terribly lost.  I didn’t even have time to put the badge on my site! At least it’s there now? *laughing*

This time around, I think I’m getting the hang of it. *laughing again*  Also, with The 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards, things work a bit differently.  With the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards, the voting process was done by the public.  With The 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards, winners are selected via a juried panel.  Although, with both, one thing is similar.  The nomination process can still be done by the public.  Should the blogs meet certain criteria, they may be included.

Finally, once more, thank you to whomever it was for nominating me! The process just started, and I got tossed up there immediately! Holy crap! *shakes head*