Archive for January 12th, 2010

Those last ones up there had been so for too long, I felt.  Let’s spin another!

It’s cold, here! However, it is January. I shouldn’t really be complaining too much.  On top of that, where I am, we actually had a wonderful October, November and a relatively decent December.  Quite odd.  Plus, not much snow to speak of yet! So, I really should shut my gob! Now, watch us get a big dump of the white stuff tomorrow!

Anyway, I think this one is quite appropriate.  Also, it makes me think of someone rather special.  I like to do that with MP3 of the Moment.  Play songs for folks that I know and love.  People that I care about.  And also take requests!

Now, here’s a oldie but a goodie from the 80s.  How many of you remember Roddy?

“Walk Out to Winter” by Aztec Camera