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I’m going back to school on: MONDAY!!!

This is only after “orchestrating” the entire process…oh, when did I start it?

Not even a week and a half ago!!!


I’m going in first thing tomorrow to meet an instructor, get registered, toss them some cash…


I called the “job disability place” today to try and get back on their Choo Choo Train, as well.  I think the conductor must have been asleep, as no ring back after I left my message.  That’s fine.  Deal with that later.


*PA stims on Mr. Fountain across the room* He’s the first pic. *PA goes across the room to fix Mr. Fountain as he just doesn’t look quite right.*

Speaking of being “quite right,” I sure as hell hope I am enough in my head to do this! I’m serious! I don’t want to be having total meltdowns, or going crazy, or seizing all over the place! Hey, the original “theory” is, and always was, stress lowering my seizure thresholds!

This entails a real schedule. I haven’t had that since I lost my job–what feels like aeons ago, and may very well be in the Professional World.  Who knows.  All I know is that I’ve been screwed for a long time! Keep that Valium/Diazepam close!

Mondays to Fridays and Co-op possibilities.  In fact, School Dude has already sent my resume off to people.  Bloody Hell! I haven’t even set foot in a damn classroom yet! If any initial interviews don’t pan out or the locations aren’t accessible for me, School Dude will be sending it out to more!

OMG.  I gotta get some decent clothes!!! Nothing fits me anymore after getting so sick and losing all the weight!!! Shopping MUST be done on the weekend!!!


I guess I only have myself to blame.  I was the one who pushed so hard to make this whole thing happen so fast. *laughing* Although, I don’t think the entire process will move as quickly as I had initially thought.  Well, I’ll certainly find out.  You will, too?

I’m not going to do any more work tonight.  No way.  I think I’ve done enough!