I’m going back to school on: MONDAY!!!

This is only after “orchestrating” the entire process…oh, when did I start it?

Not even a week and a half ago!!!


I’m going in first thing tomorrow to meet an instructor, get registered, toss them some cash…


I called the “job disability place” today to try and get back on their Choo Choo Train, as well.  I think the conductor must have been asleep, as no ring back after I left my message.  That’s fine.  Deal with that later.


*PA stims on Mr. Fountain across the room* He’s the first pic. *PA goes across the room to fix Mr. Fountain as he just doesn’t look quite right.*

Speaking of being “quite right,” I sure as hell hope I am enough in my head to do this! I’m serious! I don’t want to be having total meltdowns, or going crazy, or seizing all over the place! Hey, the original “theory” is, and always was, stress lowering my seizure thresholds!

This entails a real schedule. I haven’t had that since I lost my job–what feels like aeons ago, and may very well be in the Professional World.  Who knows.  All I know is that I’ve been screwed for a long time! Keep that Valium/Diazepam close!

Mondays to Fridays and Co-op possibilities.  In fact, School Dude has already sent my resume off to people.  Bloody Hell! I haven’t even set foot in a damn classroom yet! If any initial interviews don’t pan out or the locations aren’t accessible for me, School Dude will be sending it out to more!

OMG.  I gotta get some decent clothes!!! Nothing fits me anymore after getting so sick and losing all the weight!!! Shopping MUST be done on the weekend!!!


I guess I only have myself to blame.  I was the one who pushed so hard to make this whole thing happen so fast. *laughing* Although, I don’t think the entire process will move as quickly as I had initially thought.  Well, I’ll certainly find out.  You will, too?

I’m not going to do any more work tonight.  No way.  I think I’ve done enough!

  1. Hi Immi the Mad. Good to see you. Thanks so much. Hopefully, all will be fine and no head explosions!


  2. Congratulations! Great to hear you’re ready to give yourself a little test. That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish going back to school. I hope it works out for us both. :-)


  3. Hi benpolar. Thanks for coming by, and welcome as I think this is your first comment? Thanks as well for the congratulations, but don’t be so quick to pat me on the back, yet! Or at least I am not so eager to be congratulatory. No, no! Not at this point in time!

    I’m feeling quite like a failure before I’ve even (barely), started. Just one day of what seemed like it would have been to “re-integrate” myself back into the “normal world,” has virtually destroyed me. I feel emotionally and physically ill. I want to cry and throw up.

    This is really scaring me. No, it is! I had plans for today that I can not complete. I am way behind in the course material, as it’s already begun! I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it, but still.


    Excellent for you, too, though! *most energetic laugh possible* Don’t let my trials dissuade you in any way! Absolutely, good luck!

    To both of us.

    Take care hon,


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