A Schedule, You Say?

Oh, dear.  If yesterday bears any portent of my ever approaching…zzzzzzz…

Oh, sorry.  I drifted off there and it is now tomorrow: Sans schedule.  Or would that be “Today: Sans schedule.”  I don’t know, or if I really care to know, because I can’t move so much.  My head has that “full of cotton batten,” feel (maybe?) I’m not sure.  I can’t feel much up there.  Oh, but I can feel my body! Actually, hear it too.  It’s yelling quite loudly and unhappily!

I thought I would be fine getting up so early, running around and this and that.  Perhaps, not so much? Since I was up so early, not enough time for my tea! When I finally I got to my friend J.’s, just before lunch, I was almost on my hands and knees.  Not a pretty sight, I can assure you.  Not so pretty I need my tea that much, to even remotely function as a human being, either?

By the end of the day, I was like a bloody lush! Now, my Anticonvulsants have always made me so stoopid that I bugger up my words, and when talking, I can sound like I’m gargling mouth rinse? They can also make me unbelieavably clumsy! If it’s there: I’ll walk into it, trip over it, fall over it…  Hell, even if it’s not there, I’ll do the same!

I went to go get something to lie down with to keep warm.  I was already talking like a drunk by this point (with my stutter tossed in for extra fun!) However, it seemed to continue on for a bit.  My speech remained that way on and off for…? When I went to go get my “bankie,” I came hurtling down the stairs, crashing into a wall! Ouch.

This did look like a good sign.  Also, not good were my dizziness, my upset stomach…  I wasn’t sick; just exhausted.  I still am.

I’m also still at J.’s, as I didn’t think taking public transit home in that shape would have been too wise.  I still feel like shit, but I do have to go home soon.  For the rest of today? I have no idea. *stares*


  1. Aww sweetie! Methinks we should wrap you in bubble-wrap to keep you safe :) then we can all sit round popping it to free you again ;)


  2. Hi RealJimmy. *big grin* You promise???

    Even if I’m not all freaked, and stressed, and going crazy, do you guys still promise???





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