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At least I can begin my day with tea, as opposed to yesterday! Better, because I plan to do some things.  Or try?

Also, J. is coming over.  I bought an Acer Aspire One®, under the guise of needing it for going back to school.  Well, I am only on baby MacBook, and the school is an all PC environment.  I had problems when there using baby MacBook before, as it’s the same facility.  It was quite a pain in the ass.  Therefore, I need baby Acer?

A weak justification, perhaps.  I can talk myself into anything if I try, though.  Actually, I don’t even have to try that hard a lot of the time.

So, baby Acer is pretty cool.  The only thing of significance that seems to be missing, is a CD/DVD drive, but it has a memory card slot? Plus, three USB ports? Still, maybe some limited plopability.  Yes, technical term.  However, external drives are dirt cheap.

When J. comes over, we’re going to do some things: Get it talking to my wifi network (easy.) Then create my own, wee, home network to get it talking to baby MacBook.  Presumably, also easy.  baby MacBook even has a “Create Network” option in its dropdown, when you open up your wifi.  Even with me being so stupid, I could do it? Well… *rolls eyes* Load up my wifi printer software etc…

But with my wee network, I can then transfer other stuff between the two.  Yes? I still have to do a bunch of hoobley-boobley (also a technical term), on baby MacBook, before I can do a backup on my external drive.  Another option then for file transfers? The external backup drive? But for baby MacBook’s backup, I can also junk a bunch of stuff I don’t even use on baby MacBook’s own hard drive! I have some of it on DVDs, too.  Yay, for cleaning up baby MacBook!

All of this is a bunch of a pain in the ass, too, with workarounds, but maybe not so much? Technology can be a pain in the ass, overall, though.  Whatever.  We’ve come to rely upon it so much, it’s made us a bunch a pains in the asses, as well!

I had ugly sleep, and needed another Valium/Diazepam after struggling with my Seroquel/Quetiapine for over 2.5 hours! Stress, much? I was so tired, but I just could find my sleep! Too exhausted for your dumb hide and seek game, which I loathe anyway, sleep!

I woke up and felt not that bad, but then after being vertical for about 15 minutes, back to Crapland.  Maybe better as the day moves on.  Please? I need to do schoolwork.  No, I NEED to.  I promised the instructor I would do an “assignment” for Monday.  Later tonight? I woke up early so something to definitely worry about later.  It’s all terminology based, so I should be okay? Or not.

I don’t know.  Because I still feel like shit.  Like yesterday.  Maybe not like giant, sized, Elephant Shit; more like smaller, sized Bear Shit? I’m not sure. I’ve never measured either.

I threw a bowl of cereal into me immediately after my meds, hoping it would make me feel better physically and give me more energy.  Perhaps, that is a good sign.  I only had an Ensure yesterday, as I felt I could only tolerate liquids.  Is this warped and twisted irony? Did I only feel this sick when I got laid off and lost my job? Now that I have better prospects of finding a job, I am just as sick? *smacks dizzy forehead*

Okay, this is one, boring ass Post, but I’m not sure what else to say.  I tossed up a couple of blips as well…just to stay “alive” online?