Every once in a while I get these certain types of emails.  I don’t know if any of you readers who blog do, as well.  If so, you know how they go:

” Dear <Insert Blog Name>,




Yep, sometimes they don’t even bother to put a name.  Those are the ones that are easy to spot.  Delete!

With others, you have to do a bit more digging to find out who they are, what they are about…  Although, even if you do, that doesn’t mean they’re all that “reputable.”  Well, let’s not use that word.  They could be just “weird!” Fine.  You want to link to me–knock yourself out! Put PA wherever you want to on your site!

Then you can get the real deal.  Or a real deal.  Yep.  Totally legit., almost no research or online legwork required, and dependent upon the scenario, PAs socks have been completely knocked off! This has been due to her “esteemed” company, and…well, really, how the hell did she end up getting picked for any of the lists at all!

As I always say, I can not, and will not vouch for any of these sites’ or blogs’ content.  That is a decision for you to make yourself, as an individual reader.  Is it of merit to you?

One thing I will say is that some of these blogs? Well…holy shit! No, the majority are by uber-smart Professionals! I’m one of two patient bloggers.  CRAP! That other “patient blogger” is no doubt a ba-jillion times smarter than me, too!

I do really like the description they gave me/my blog, though.  Here it is:

Patient Anonymous: Entertaining yet valuable posts in this one of a kind blog written by an individual diagnosed with several mental disorders.

So, what the hey.  If I can’t be smart, I can be entertaining? *laughing* Also I can “stand out,” make a spectacle of myself, and be “crazy?” HA! Maybe that is a pretty good description of both my blog and myself!

Here’s the link to the list.  I know I’ve got some serious reading to do here.

Thanks for adding me. I am extremely honoured and flattered.


  1. Sid

    Congrats on making the list! I get those emails from time to time, but I’m just too darn suspicious when it comes to receiving anything random like that so I usually just delete them without ever investigating the provided link to see where it leads.


  2. Hi Sid. Good to see you, and thanks for stopping by. Welcome, as this is the first time I think you’ve commented, too!

    Thanks about the list. Also, good to hear about others getting some of those wanky emails! *laughing*

    I kind of appreciate all of them, actually. Even if they are just inquiries. At least I get an idea of something. However, for those that do end up sticking me somewhere, I then get clues as to who may be reading me? Or some such? *ponders*

    I may get Referrers via my stats. That’s another thing. It’s like…oh, that’s kind of interesting…

    Blogging never ceases to amaze me. I know it never will.

    Take care,


  3. uh, is ba-jillion really a word? (i’m asking ’cause yoo iz so much smrter… i mean smarter that me :P)

    Of COURSE your blog is entertaining! That’s one of it’s strongest points – you make it so discussing (mental) challenges in one’s life not such a ‘scary’ or ‘something to be hidden away’ type thing.

    And you really are smart – in intelligence, vocabulary, wit, creativity… heck pretty much everything including wisdom (uh, except when it comes to squiddles maybe). Sheeoot – just look what you are able to write when your brain is short-circuiting on you… not many people with genius IQ’s would be able to do that (IMO).

    ok, i go look at list now. In the meantime, you take care :)



  4. p.s. no-one reads my blog, so i never Have to worry about any of those ‘crazy’ e-mails :P


  5. Hi Arkay. Good to see you. Yes, I officially “decree” that “ba-jillion” is a word. In fact, it is so high a number that it surpasses infinity! *laughing so hard*

    Feel free to smack me. That goes for anyone else out there reading, as well.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful compliments. They mean a ba-jillion things to me! *rolls eyes* No, I’m serious. I don’t always feel deserving, but they are very meaningful. I do not take them lightly. Quite the contrary.

    As far as your blog, I read it! At least I try to whenever I can get my act together. Please, don’t feel too offended. I’ve become an utter failure in my “Blog Reading Duties.” Ugh.


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