What’s All The Hype About Hypomania?

The other night when I was coming home from school, I realized that all of my studying had made me hypomanic.  Yes, going back to school triggered a Bipolar episode for me.  This was probably due to at least three factors.

I’ve been unemployed from being laid off since the spring of 2008.  I haven’t been in a full time, educational setting in many years.  Finally, assembling this entire “re-integration process” happened in only a few days.  Oh, wait.  Four factors.  I’ve also joined the first class late.  So late, that I have to learn basically all of the material by the middle of February.  No pressure!

That day (night…) I had been working for nine hours straight.  I stayed at the school, as I didn’t want my travel home to interrupt things while they were still fresh in my mind.

Oh, my mind! When I did finally go home, racing thoughts, looking around, everything was aglow! All bright and shiny! My music on my iPod was just so awesome! *laughing*

I think those were all of the crazy things going on? That’s probably because all of my meds did a really good job of reigning in the rest! However, when I got home, I did not want to stop working! People, this was only the fourth day after I started the course.  After the first two, I thought I was going to die; and an extremely painful death, at that! Some hypomania, indeed?

Initially, I thought my hypomania about school was just “the bestest thing ever!” In fact, it took me right back to those golden, old days of uni., when I wasn’t even dx’d.  A lot of the time, I only lifted half a finger to sail through my courses.  Sometimes, I only had to lift my eyelids.

(Hypo)mania is overrated.  At least I think so.  It’s not a good thing.  A lot of other people who have Bipolar may see things differently, but that’s exactly where I’m headed–with a very poor “literal segue!” When you’re (hypo)manic, are you “seeing” or thinking clearly? You might think so, but no.  I hate to “disillusion” you.  Think about your episodes, and then later when you’ve come back down to earth.

Granted, I won’t chastise anyone for their opinions about whatever mental illnesses and/or disorders they have.  The two most common reasons I hear from people who have Bipolar, and their affinity for (hypo)mania, are these: it either enhances creative ability or heightens productivity.  Sometimes they say both.

Again, who am I to judge? All I know is that I can not stand anything that makes me cycle.  Or, better put, I can not stand my cycling, period!

Case in point? My hypomania, and all of the fun it brought me, soon wore off that night.  Another mood shift occurred, and my thoughts started to become rather…warped? Distorted? Then, things weren’t so much “fun,” anymore.

  1. I have never found anything fun about hypomania. Mine is very agitating now. I remember when I was in college it was “fun” but I got into a great deal of trouble. My mania is not productive because I can’t focus. Sometimes I envy the people who can clean their home like a tornado during a manic episode, but then I remember what coming down is like and I’m not so sure it would be worth it. I think it’s a great thing that you are going to school. I have tried to go back several times, but the concentration issue always stops me in my tracks.


  2. Hi Sheri. Good to see you. I agree with you, absolutely. I can run the gamut, too, with Dysphoric Manias and Mixed States. These are like you said, where things move on and where some agitation becomes problematic.

    I have also gotten into a lot of trouble! I try to remind people that it’s easier to remember the good times and forget about the bad ones. Hence, the suggestion to try and recall any “aftermaths.” Sometimes, I’d wake up the next morning and it would be like the worst “emotional hangover” you could ever imagine.

    Thanks about the school, as well. I agree with you once more! I have tried to go back so many times, and just as you say, my concentration has always prevented me from completing anything! This time it has to be different. It’s pivotal for my entire future.


  3. Hi PA. Just catching up. Glad to see you back out in the world but try to pace yourself ok? Let your friends know they need to keep an eye on you and hit you with a bat when you start getting manic, otherwise you’ll fritz out and end up, well, you know where. Easy does it!


  4. Hey Darkentries. Good to see you! Yes, pace myself. Nice joke there, buddy. How long have you known me, now? *grins*

    I just got a great image of people trying to hit me with a bat if I go all wingy and (hypo)manic. They might not be able to run around fast enough behind me to do it! Like swatting a wee fly buzzing all over?

    I don’t think I’ll be “you know where.” No, I can’t afford that. I wouldn’t go down that road. I want to get on with my life, not end it…no matter how sucky it still is! *laughing*

    Hugs back, dahling.


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