Archive for February 1st, 2010

This is in part a useless Blog Post, but in part a communicative one? I guess in part it’s a bitchy one, as well?

Being the SPAZ O.o that I am, I thought it would be appropriate to log in to my installed Twitter app. called “Spaz!” I like to use it when I feel particularly SPAZZY! Like today, for instance.  I seem to be having “one of those days.”

I hadn’t used “Spaz” in a while, so apparently there was a new update release.  I was prompted, so let’s update Air.  Fair enough.  baby MacBook already has Air for TweetDeck.  BOING! “Spaz” decided to become a SPAZ O.o! I figured out the error, so I got that squared away.  It had to do with the fact that Aspie Penguin normally logs in to Deck for me.  Thus, I had to reset “Spaz” to do so.

However, something went wrong with my account on “Spaz.”  I think.  My password somehow got changed.  Well, it was different on “Spaz,” as I changed it since I last used it.

Regardless, I am now locked out of all my Twitter accounts/apps.  It has been an hour now, as they have told me to wait to try again via the web app.  I am going to follow their instructions that did not help me in the first place (that resulted in me getting locked out.)  So, let’s see if I can actually access what is mine!

I know it’s free, but it’s like a bank that won’t let me withdraw my own money.  Sure, it protects me from “hackers,” as they say, but I guess I’m now trying to hack into my own account? I understand the issues and problems of “multiple log ins,” but if you have proper security protocols set in place, you do not need to go through this! WP doesn’t make me jump through such hoops if I forget my password on my blog–being such a SPAZ O.o!

Okay…let me see if I can get to you guys on Twitter! At least you know that this Post will!