I now know this because I am post-“ick”tal©.  Although, I didn’t know this when I woke up.  Nor did I know (for sure?) if I seized last night.  Or, even if I had a nocturnal seizure.  I’ll get to that.  Due to being post-“ick”tal©, I’m quite cognitively impaired, plus I have taken some Gravol/Dimenhydrinate for my nausea.  Therefore, I am circling some planet in our solar system (not sure which one), so this blog post may be incredibly confusing, filled with grammatical errors, be lacking in cohesiveness, so on and so forth!

Okay, what happened–and what’s ticking me off about it.  My seizure patterns and manifestations seem to, or may have changed a bit.  Any Simple Partial stuff seems to be really vague, and then take forever to lead up to anything else.  Now, this could appear as a good thing: my Anticonvulsants are doing a good job of keeping things under wraps.  However, with me having Epilepsy and multiple types of seizures, if a Simple Partial is going to lead to another type, I want it to hurry up! Let’s have it over and done with!

On the way home last night.  More vague and prolonged Simple Partial crap and not a lot of it.  That’s what made it hard to tell what was happening.  Epigastric rising, DP/DR off and on, but definitely altered consciousness.  A bit of rapid eye blinking and blurred vision? However, when immediately post-“ick”tal©, what a headache! Ocular induced? Ocular area! Not a migraine as it went away eventually.

This morning.  I never know where I am when I get up first thing, anyway.  However, as the morning progressed, something’s not right here.  Initially, some mild cognitive impairment? But my legs.  I’m being more clumsy than usual! A lovely woman even offered up her seat to me on transit as I was stumbling around so much.  I politely declined.  All of this made me think: nocturnal motor seizure? No.  Now I just think it’s because I’m sick.

I arrive at school.  Oh, bloody hell! Nausea, definite cognitive impairment, headache.  The Instructor (who is a nurse and knows all of my head nuttiness), took one look at me and was WTF??? I knew I must have looked like zombie that was about to slip into a coma at any moment.  I told her I thought I was post-“ick”tal©.  She asked me if I wanted to go home.  I told her, no.  I said it was nothing and that I had been laid up in bed sick for 72 hours before!

Kind of funny in class with the other students, though.  They were all, “…post-“ick”tal©…what’s that…?” I desperately wanted to launch into a huge “Seizure Speech,” but we were busy doing other things–like schoolwork?

Had to pick up some scripts on the way home and finally remembered to buy my damn anti-nauseants that I keep running out of! I guess actually being sick while in the store prompted me to do it? I have a nice, big stash now.  However, even after taking some, I’m still nauseous.  Oh, well.  They’re doping me up quite nicely, so even though I’m nauseous I can still sit here and feel like I’m completely stoned? My head is hurting, though.  Photophobia, too (why am I on my computer…?) Phonophobia a bit (I am sitting in silence…)  The psychiatric disturbances are probably there as always–I’m just too zoned out to tell? I do feel anxious, though.  Yes.

ASIDE: For those that don’t already know, when people with Epilepsy have pre-existing or comorbid psychiatric conditions, their/some psychiatric features can manifest when post-“ick”tal©.  I get depressed and anxious.

I think this whole post is really kind of stupid or pointless, maybe.  I don’t know.  I guess sometimes the posts may be of interest, or useful.  I always write about my seizures here to document them ASAP as I may not get around to putting them into my “Dossier.”

EDIT: Also felt slight weakness in head and neck area, plus right arm.  This lasted throughout seizure event although no loss of postural tone.  This fits with the above criteria as possible change in Simple Partial pattern manifestation.


  1. So, i guess this begs the question, “What colour IS the sky in your world?”

    (remind me to tell you the story behind my initial hearing of that question sometime)

    Big HUGS!

    (an please take care)


  2. Your always so brave no matter what life hands you. Wow u went to school feeling like this. U need to kick back for a bit put them feet up:)
    Your post are always great reads and never pointless its your carefree style of writting that grabs me. I luv your honest out spoken blog and always have.


  3. Hi Arkay. The sky in my world. What colour. Good question. It varies, really. So much so, that I really can’t tell you from one…moment to another? *grins*

    However, due to my blurred vision yesterday, I guess it was all colours of the spectrum. Plus, it would have been the absence of colour! That would be black! Wait, I’m still tired. That’s actually the absence of light. That’s what makes it a “non-colour.” Yes. Right. Whatever.

    Since my memory isn’t all that fab, here’s your reminder now: “Tell me about the first time you heard that question, Arkay?” Sorry, I’m just being a brat. Although, about my shoddy memory? Truism.

    Hugs to you too, and for sure, trying the best to take care.

    Hi clairelouise82. Thanks for coming by to read this and comment, after you and I had a brief exchange about it. Thanks as well for saying I am “so brave.” People have made that comment here, and well, I don’t really feel that way.

    What would be a better word. Perhaps, “determined?” I’m not sure. I mean, I get so frustrated with all of my dx’s! But I am not always so “brave,” or “determined!” Oh, no! Sometimes, I’m in a wee ball and barely mobile.

    However, I have to live my life. What other options do I have! Yes, I do end up a wee ball, but I don’t always remain so. After I “un-ball,” I just get on with things. It’s as simple as that, I suppose.

    This time around, the post-“ick”tal stuff wasn’t as bad as in the past. Only 24 hours and I could function well enough. I realized today, that I was so out of it later (I got sicker as the day went on), I have to edit this Post as I left something out. I got a bit floppy, but didn’t lose total postural tone or anything.

    Thank you as well about my Posts being great reads, and my style of writing. That means so much. I might have said it was kind of pointless, as I felt so out of my mind and in outer space? Still, I feel so much of this Blog is pointless! *laughing*



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