Is My School on The Spectrum?

This was one of those: “How Weird is That? Moments.”  Actually, it may have been a “How Weirder Than Weird is THAT? Moment.”

I was at school the other day and we were on break.  I fixed myself a tea and went downstairs to go outside for a cigarette.  I turned the corner to head to the elevators, and what did I see? Well, it was something very familiar to me.  It was also something that wasn’t there when I had arrived earlier in the morning.  It was quite a large “magnet” (maybe about seven inches or so?) stuck to the stairwell exit door beside the elevators.

I stole it, of course.  I’m not (usually) a kleptomaniac.  Just kidding! Seriously, though.  Do you think I could resist something like this!

The Ribbon of Shock! I Don't Mean In Terms Of Advocacy Though...

It kind of flipped me out.  Okay, more than kind of! The first thought that entered my mind was, ‘What the hell is THAT doing there???’ *laughing* I think I did a quadruple take.

I mean, really.  What was it doing there? Some kind of vigilante, Aspie, graffiti? Also, I didn’t recall any kind of “Awareness Week,” or “Campaigning” going on.  I was really stumped.  I looked around on the floor and couldn’t find anything else.  So, I shoved my “new gift” in my pocket and went downstairs.

En route, I checked the Building Directory in the lobby.  I couldn’t see anything specific that dealt with people on the Spectrum.  Although, there were a couple of things that looked like they were “camps.”  Or, “camp-related?” Perhaps something to do with sending people with Special Needs to camp? I had no clue.

When I went outside, I then started to see this, almost, “parade” of people that looked like they could have been somewhere on the Spectrum!

What on earth?! I had never seen any of this before, and I go there every day, Monday through Friday!

What was happening?! If there was some kind of Spectrum, Autie, Aspie Party, dammit, I wanted to be there too! *laughing*

I never did find out what was going on, but I do have my souvenir magnet, at least.  It’s now “proudly” stuck to my fridge.  I’m not finished with school yet, so maybe I’ll find out who was responsible for all of that.  If I do, and there’s another “party” in the future, I’ll be sure to get an invitation!


  1. :D …i got a hunner different replies running through my head for you on this one, and i’m laughing at just about every one of them (you can prolly figure out a lot of them for yourself – i’m kinda leaning towards the whole, be there?!? of course you’d want to “be there too”, you’d run for president!!! lol!). Thank-you so much for sharing…

    (and *very quietly* … i wont tell anyone about YOUR STEALING THEIR FRIDGE MAGNET!!! *Shhhhhhhhh!*) ;)

    (i hope my new found HTML knowledge worked there and just didn’t ‘show up’ and make my comment look stoopid. :P


  2. ok, most of it didn’t worked as planned – oh well, thanks for letting me use your blog as a guinea pig. (((((PA)))))



  3. Hi Arkay. Yes, laughs all around with this one? Thanks for getting the humour out of it as I intended.

    HTML is pretty limited in WP. When you use it within the posts, you’ve only got bold, italics, underscore and strikethrough, for your text as you write? Then, you’ve got your special characters, too. I’ve tried to use HTML commands, similarly, when typing in the HTML view window, but without any success.

    Oh, wait. Of course it allows your anchor/link tags! There are also your Widgets, but they are all template based.

    However, I’m not knowledgeable at all in this area. Others may know some more tricks. I would think you could have more options with the CSS upgrade? I don’t know, though.

    Within comments, I think only bold and italics are allowed, but that may depend upon the WP template. I’m not sure. I only use bold and italics in mine. I’ve never tried anything else.

    I could only see them allowing underscore and nothing else. Reason being, things need to be easily read? Also, the authors should not have to deal with commenters making a mess of their blogs, right?

    Hugs back,


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