I seem to have developed some bizarre form of “agnosia” today, and am EXTREMELY “dyspeptic.” Yes, more school jokes, but med geeky PA could have easily tossed those ones in, despite the acute onset of her Sx.  Also, as far as being “dyspeptic,” I can be pretty bad with my gastro issues, regardless! So, maybe not so “acute.”  Still! *shakes head*

Seriously, though.  My brain is dead! If you could actually do a FULL “craniectomy,” you’d see a picture of me right now.  I was drinking my tea non-stop the entire time through class, but zip, zero, zilch…

I feel like a walking case of:


Okay, I made that one up.  However, if you had it, I can guarantee you’d be REALLY sick! If you want to know what it “means,” just let me know.

We have our Neuro Chapter exam tomorrow and were reviewing everything today.  People, this is the NEURO CHAPTER!!! Hello??? I’m NUTS!!! I knew most of it already, plus some of the other stuff re: eyes, ears.  Nonetheless, I was drawing blanks all over.  Heh.  Speaking of “drawing blanks all over,” this is kind of amusing.

We were doing a rapid fire of terms, and then having to write them on a whiteboard.  Oh, my Dysgraphia! Even if I got one or two flashes of insight for a term, I couldn’t write it to save my life! I even started laughing, and wrote “Dysgraphia” in big letters, but couldn’t “spell” it properly, either! *rolls eyes*

I’m home now.  I’ve just taken some Gravol/Dimenhydrinate, and will hopefully(?) be able to get all floppy (and less nauseous), for a bit.  Then, I’ll take on more work when I come to–that is if I don’t feel “hemiplegic,” or anything.

Maybe this is some sort of strange, adrenaline roller coaster.  I’ve been my own Drill Sergeant for weeks now, and over the last few days I stopped pushing myself.  Last night, I popped back up after going AWOL.  I threw myself right back into the Corps., instead of giving myself a Dishonorable Discharge! Plus, this doesn’t feel like post-“ick”tal© garbage. Nope.



  1. cool. finally a useful replacement for the head messing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (that i so hated growing up …my younger sister was a die-hard Disney musical buff – i blame my mom – really, what was wrong with Oklahoma, Camelot, The King and I? …for the record, “It’s a Small World…”, can drive me to thoughts of homicide (ten consecutive rides @Disneyland will do that to you), the others, just mild agoraphobia, lol.)

    How’s that for commenting completely off topic? …or was it?



  2. Hi Arkay. Head Messing, for sure! School has been INSANE! Sorry. I just had to scream that.

    I don’t think I was ever a huge fan of Disney cartoons. At least not what you are describing–the singing stuff! Morning television shows were alright at times? Looney Tunes were also great, but a different Production Company.

    “Supercalifrag…” Well, those were things with “real people.” Maybe okay? But only the ones with Julie Andrews. Did she do another besides Mary Poppins? I’m really out of it as per the end of this.

    I say Julie as I am so in love with Julie Andrews. I have been all my life. Even when I was a kid, I had this total crush on her! Gee, gay much?

    Wee PA crushing on Julie Andrews. That is totally redonculous and embarrassing! You know me, though! I embarrass myself on my blog at free will, anyway. I even own the “Special Edition, Two DVD Set” of “The Sound of Music!” *laughing*

    So, yes, as per this entire post, “What the HELL is wrong with me?” I strongly suspect I have Norwalk (or “norovirus,” if you wish to be precise.) I’m dying a slow and painful death. How am I so “strongly suspicious?” Simple arithmetic.

    My class Instructor is a Nurse. Where she works, there was a huge “norovirus” outbreak! She fell so ill, we had to cancel classes over last weekend! Full on Sx. hit PA within a couple of days after classes resumed this week! Also, the guy who runs the school is sick! I’m in such rough shape today I had to stay home from class! I need to study but…?

    I have other Sx. that don’t necessarily match “noro-” but I’ve got the biggie! SEVERE gastroenteritis! Sorry. I had to SCREAM THAT TOO!


  3. ok, sing it with me then… “endo-gastro-ptosis-polyen-cephalo-mala-Cia!” it means i poop all day, butt what the hey, it was going to leave my body any-way!

    i SCREAM, you SCREAM, we all SCREAM like the maniacs that we are…

    hmmm, guess i don’t get my ice cream then… poot.

    (sorry, NOT a laughing matter – even though i’m making fun of it) – just in a mood i guess

    btw, Julie Andrews WAS the Mrs. Brady of her day – and she did do “Victor, Victoria” did she not? So you’re not too far out there with your crush :)

    oh, oh, oh – and she was one of the voices in Shrek, i just know it… (ok, not the greatest endorsement of someone for a relationship i know, but it is something recent, lol)

    i really should go now, i think my pass ran out a few minutes ago…



  4. :P


  5. Hi Arkay. Thanks for the laughs. You (as always), bring a smile to my face.

    If you’re looking for a “meaning” to my wonderful word there, it is (roughly) as such: “stomach drooping from the inside, severe brain softening.” Yes, that was how I was feeling.


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