Here’s to Moldy Bread! *raises tissue box*

I haven’t been around for a few days.  I’ll probably be around now that I’m back, but I may require “frequent pauses.”  I’m not sure.  I need one now, though.  My eyes that are already like slits are about to close at any moment.  I am in a lot of pain and well…

I’m not eating moldy bread, though.  Close.  I’m chomping down loads of Penicillin.  Also, if anyone was under the misconception that the whole moldy bread thing was how Fleming discovered Penicillin, nope.  True, it was an “accident,” but it was just one Staph. sample that “somehow” got nailed with mold when nobody was looking.  After that, bob’s yer uncle.

Nonetheless, I am suffering from the worst case of bronchitis in my life.  That statement may not hold any particular gravity to you, or it may sound like an overstatement, but let me assure you, it is not!

I have had upper respiratory problems ever since I was a child.  That made for one sick wee, wee PA a lot of the time.  Ear tubes as a baby, croup, constant ear infections requiring drops, pneumonia, bronchitis, allergy shots, oh, hell! Let’s just blanket it all as “chronic upper respiratory infections.”  Yep.

Each winter, you could say I’m “semi-chronic” as far as bronchitis goes? I got it last year (not as bad as this!) The year before, I was fine.  Prior to that? I know I did a few years ago.

What does me in, is an initial viral exposure (this time it was that damn Norwalk/norovirus!) which normally, my immune system can handle.  It may take a while, maybe longer than healthier folks, but I should get there, eventually.  However, if there are other factors at play, the good ol’ bronchitis will flare up, afterward.  Stress, other health concerns in general, both physical and mental.

Last year I was still where I am now–no job and stressed as hell about that! Right now, I’ve still got that to deal with, the stress of school, and also my gastro problems have come back.  What do you think? Easy to see how my immune defenses could have failed me a bit, should a bacterial infection come on the heels of a viral one? My body just didn’t have the resources to cope.

Well, let’s hope it can get it together along with my “mold pills,” here.  I haven’t been on penicillin in years! In fact, not since I was a kid! The doctor I saw in the clinic–oh, and get this–PA was so ill, she had to mask up! I’ve never had to mask up, unless working with patients!!! Yes, I am that sick!!!

Still, things are moving unbelievably slowly, plus there is some “bad” news.  I’ve been on these damn “mold pills” since Friday, and I am still crawling around on my hands and knees unless I’m simply lying in bed.  Occasionally, I get a respite from that by coughing so hard I look like I’m doing the St. Vitus’ Dance–or maybe having one of my seizures.  I’ve just never coughed during any of my seizures.

Ah, yes.  I mentioned “bad” news? My “mold pills” are starting to upset my stomach.  I’m taking them with food, but with all of this coughing, I don’t need to add “Stress Incontinence” to my list of problems.  At least antibiotics don’t give me yeast infections. Egad.


  1. sorry u iz feels so bads – i hates when my lungs not works.


    “brock, brock-brock, braaaaawwk!” <— virtual chicken (for healing soop) :P

    i'd make and send real stuff, but we've already discussed that here somewhere before – not worth going over again.

    hope ur latest post (the MP3 one) is not an indication of viral psychosis – "the poisons are eating my brain, my brain!” *grin*

    hope u feel better real soon.


  2. Hi Arkay. Thanks, hon. Yes, your wonderful, chicken soup with its miraculous, healing powers! Oh, if you really could send it, now would be the time!

    *laughing* Funny about the MP3. Hey, you know me. I don’t have to be infected with anything to put up…well, who knows on this blog, right?

    Okay, I can think of one thing I might be infected with. Stupidity.


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