Sicker Than Sick? Anti-Antibiotics? Causal Complications?

This case of bronchitis bastardium is still kicking the everlovin’ (everhatin’?) stuffing out of me.  She’s not sure why, but Dr. PA has some ideas? Some thoughts? Would you expect any less of her? *grins*

First, my immune system isn’t compromised in any way, so there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to fight this off with antibiotics.  So, let’s look at the antibiotic.  I’m on Biaxin/Clarithromycin.  It’s a perfectly suitable antibiotic for bronchitis and URIs.  It should be working.  This is day five of a seven day course.  Hello? Antibiotics are supposed to work quickly.  That is why people get all arsey and don’t take them for their full duration.  Then, they run the risk of “Antibiotic Arseyness,” and developing resistance.

Resistance.  Is bronchitis bastardium so strong and evil (or have I found a new strain in bastardium), that it can not be treated by Biaxin? Go for another antibiotic? I was on Penicillin before, and even I knew that wouldn’t cut it.  However, does that present a problem for me? Shoving more and more oral antibiotics down my gullet, thus increasing any resistance within my own body?

Oral.  If oral antibiotics are not working–and this may be a two-pronged stroll into potential insanity land–use IV antibiotics? I’m actually being serious, here.  And yes, “two-pronged.”

As above, if this thing is too strong, IV pushes for anything are meant to be heavy duty, fast, and in some cases, long lasting.  I can’t keep going on like this! Monday will be the last day of the Biaxin script, I was on five days of the Penicillin before I switched over to the Biaxin, and I was for sick days even before all of this started! I can’t do the math exactly, but by the the time I have to go back to school on Monday, it will have been well over two and a half weeks! Yes, school.  I need to get back into form, at the very least, for that!

ASIDE: It won’t be happening right away, but I’ll be doing Clinic rotations, and I can’t be hacking and coughing all over the place there! I’ll presumably be seeing sick people? I don’t think I should be one of them! *rolls eyes*

As for the other “prong?” This one is a little more messy.  Nonetheless, it may fit? I went to see Gastro Man a couple of weeks ago since some of my Sx. from when I became so utterly ill have come back.  We noted something “interesting” that may or may not be a possible Dx.  However, it certainly needs to be explored after a finding at the end of our appt.! I told him we’d better take a closer look at it this time around! He certainly concurred.

You see, something was different from when I was so sick before, and we did all of our tests under the sun, the moon and stars! It has to do with Malabsorption.  I’m eating and I’m going to the bathroom regularly, but I had dropped a substantial amount of weight.  I thought a little bit but no, a lot! Not that I have much to spare, but I am almost back to where I was when the sickest ever.  It’s not good.  Back then, I was sicker and more screwed up.

Malabsorption.  If I’m not absorbing my food or nutrients properly, am I absorbing the antibiotics or enough of their properties? As a matter of fact, I went to the bathroom the other night and I saw a wee, yellow, oval shaped… *gasp* These pills don’t come with any sort of casing that would be excreted through feces.  They are completely absorbed through your GI tract and excreted through urine (partial processing via your glomeruli actually, which is kind of interesting, but I digress…)

So, with that? It may not even have to do with the antibiotics themselves.  Or even bronchitis bastardium! It has something to do with me! And if the above is true, then does it not make sense that an IV treatment would be required? Again, Dr. PA is not a real M.D. but how the hell else would the antibiotics be able to get into her system!

And clearly this is not a virus! It’s hung around too long and real M.D.s have given it a Dx. stating so.  Plus, the Biaxin has made a minute difference.  It has helped just a little bit, but not very much.

I’m not going to worry about it too much for now.  I really can’t because…well, I can’t do anything.  I’m just sort of “stuck.”  I can only keep taking the Biaxin until Monday, see if some kind of “miracle” happens, and I’m all better by then.  I highly doubt it.  If not, I will take a trip back to the Walk-In, get masked up all over again, and see what they have to say about all of this?

Damn that wee, yellow, oval shaped…  I wish I could call Gastro Man on the phone and talk to him right now.


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  2. Hi Homer Tuch. Welcome to PAs Pad. Thank you so much for your compliments. They really mean a lot.

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