More Medical Mayhem!

It’s a really good thing I’m such a med geek.  Otherwise, I don’t think a so-called “normal” person would be able to handle this anymore.  And that’s what I told her: “I’m a med geek.”  Her, being my new Instructor for, this, my next course.  The continuing “Med Mayhem” is now crossing over to school, and not just remaining within the confines of my own body.

However, before we move on to that, the ongoing, ever painful (literally, not just for you reading), saga of my body.  When I went to bed last night after taking my meds, I was suddenly teleported back several years ago.  Back to the time when I became so sick with my gastro problems in the first place (which has nothing to do with my URI that I have right now!)  What was it? Extreme gastroenteritis and then immediate diarrhea.  Where did this come from?! This hasn’t been a Sx. at all over the past three weeks! I have an Upper Respiratory Infection!!!

I was up for about two hours waiting for the pain to end, but also fearing going to sleep, lest I shit the bed in the night! I have done this before being so gravely ill.  And obviously, I am not ashamed to admit it.  People, we are talking about medicine here.  There is no need to be ashamed of our bodies–in any realm.  HA! Although, a lot of the times we are anyway.  I know.  It’s hard.  It sucks.

Waking up, I was still a disaster in the morning. I could only handle a few sips of water until I got home.  I have now had some noodles and broth.  We’ll see, but so far so good? YIKES!

EDIT: All okay.  Have now moved on to frozen yoghurt to see if lactose is the culprit.

School.  Oh, dear! Mayhem, indeed! But I love our new Instructor! If I can announce to her that I’m a med geek right on the first day? Well, that says it all! However, I was a little bit worried as I was running late due to a transit delay.  I had called but still, first impressions? Also, a large part of Clinic Rotation is punctuality!!! I’m not joking.  It’s being taken into account for our marks.

I arrived about five minutes or so behind.  I opened the door.  They were talking about the Female Reproductive System, and I only heard something about a fertilized egg, a fallopian tube and the word “not.” Then she asked: “What is likely to happen? What would that be called?” There was silence.  I dropped my rucksack and while taking off my coat, blurted out: “Ectopic pregnancy.”  She just looked at me and said, “Right!”

Yes, I am a dork.  In case you did not know that already.

As I sat down, one of the other girls who is positively nuts called out: “Ohhh, yeah! You go, PA!” I started to laugh as it was pretty funny, I guess.  I shot her a smile, yet because I’m so sick, I probably looked more like a narcoleptic, crackhead who had Bell’s Palsy (but who did just tell the funniest joke on the planet!)

Everything is completely up in the air, with this class.  We should have learned things we haven’t.  Clinic is not sorted or settled yet (and it’s going to start on Friday.)  I’m sick with some deadly who-knows-what, so I’ll be in whatever protective gear required (gloves, gowns, masks.)  That’s fine.  I used to work in an HIV/AIDS Hospice so I’m used to the procedures.  We still have to get out scrubs ordered.  Yep! You read that right!

W00t! A great, big one, too! PA gets to wear scrubs in Clinic!!! …Scrubs Slut…Scrubs Slut… *laughing*

God, what else? I’m sure there’s more as this was only the first day.  The poor woman was running back and forth, trying to get things confirmed and then changing things up, down, back and then forth…  She now has to overhaul our entire lessons.  Unreal.  She is great though and said that we’ll all make it through.  No matter what! Hey, as long as I make it through…in one piece? That’s all I want right about now.

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