Really Busy or Just a “Keener?”

Maybe both? *laughing* It really is terrible.  About the last part.  The “K,” part.  I’m wondering if the other girls in the class are about to start screaming,”Teacher’s Pet! Teacher’s Pet!” at any moment.  I can’t help it though! It’s because I keep screaming out all the answers! They don’t know them, and I do. *laughing more*

I need to be bound and gagged.  Shit, I even yelled that out in class!!! *smacks self silly* I’m just SO excited, as I couldn’t be SO geeky in the last course.  This instructor, too.  She’s great and…more “Teacher’s Pet?” We were talking after class and she even told her partner about me! How she had “one of those students” in her class.  That would be someone who is…rather…”keen?”


Well, I’m really a med geek now! Wave that Med Geek Flag, PA!

This is good, though.  She’s totally well connected (i.e. get me a job???), told me I’d fly through this, and when talking about how broke I am and paying through the nose for it all, she didn’t even blink when she said: “It’ll pay off.”  Hmmm…does that mean she’s going to get me a job when it’s done? Well, I don’t know! I’m an Aspie! I have problems with social cues, sometimes! A little? *smacks self silly again*

She saw me still sitting in the room after everyone had left (this was when we had our little chat), and said, “You’re always staying late!” (Keener! Teacher’s Pet!) *laughing* I told her I had to speak to School Dude.  This was true.  And I did.  Boy, I did!

After we took care of “business,” we took care of goss! Wow, I got an earful! We know each other as I took a course there before, and we are “partners in crime,” regarding my scheme in all of this (muah-hah-hah…)  That scheme, being tailoring this to suit my needs based upon my pre-existing knowledge!

After class? I’m still running around feeling like I have…wait, I now have a Dx.! It is called “The Blue Gungoo.” I learned of it from this blogger who has a medical practitioner in the family. They were familiar with my Sx. What a relief to finally know what is wrong with me!

Anyway, I had (have?) so much to do! Even with making lists, the Blue Gungoo is affecting me so much, I just can’t remember everything! I had to pick up some wee notebooks for Clinic.  They need to be small enough to fit into the pockets of SCRUBS! Sorry, I’m still really excited about getting to wear SCRUBS! “…Scrubs Slut…Scrubs Slut…”

As a matter of fact, ours haven’t been ordered yet by the school but we should be starting Clinic on Friday, anyway.  Since they’re going to mask, gown, glove me up or whatever, I said I could bring in a pair from home? *grins* Well, the only suitable pair I have are from the UK! *laughing so hard* Yes, sent to me from a blogger some time ago.

NOTE: This does not mean that anyone, and everyone else reading, is further exempt from sending me scrubs! I will take as many pairs as I can get!!!

I checked, and with the new cross trainers I had to buy today (my current ones are all trained out!), my scrubs don’t need to be hemmed! W00t! However, there is company writing on the piping.  I’m wondering if they’re going to be “too picky” about that.  No, we’re going to be under the microscope, there.  Sorry, that was terrible.  I know.  Really, though.  I’ll ask tomorrow about the “conspicuous piping!”

I’m also going to bring in my Steth. and see if it’s suitable for Clinic.  It should be? It has all the different fittings for measuring areas, wee babies etc…?

Yes.  PA owns a Stethoscope.  It was a gift, actually.

I think I gave up after all of that? I don’t remember.  The Blue Gungoo is still raging and taking a lot out of me.  Ah, I had to call in a script, too.  I forgot about that, as well.  I don’t think there are any meds out there for the “BG.”  Nope.  Just going to have to lick it on my own? Let’s hope it doesn’t progress to a chronic stage! *furrows brow in worry*


  1. Hi patientanonymous, welcome to your own blog. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment on your own post. Or, what may turn out to be a another post within your own post!

    Oh, good heavens! My dear readers, I do believe I am now a serious “Keener.” I only hope not a “Teacher’s Pet?!” *hangs head* Today, in class! Yikes!

    As far as this post (and more, I left something out), good grief! I got my answers and…well! My Instructor and I are now developing quite a “relationship!” No, not like that! She did make a joke about me having the Blue Gungoo. I didn’t mention that, though. Hello! Anonymous PA! She now feels sick, and said I am no longer “infected,” but “infested!” *smirks*

    I do feel awful about it. I want to sit outside the room! Too late, now?

    The “conspicuous piping,” is fine. She actually laughed and said people would probably think it was a “new fashion statement!” *shakes head* However, we’re not starting Clinic until next week, after all. Nonetheless, I’m good to go if the school’s scrubs aren’t ordered by then.

    My Steth.? Hang on to your hats for this one. I pulled it out of my rucksack to show her, and ask if it was appropriate for Clinic. She’s a Nurse. She looked at me and said, “I have the same one! Oh, yeah! It’ll be fine! Do you know how much these cost? $200.00!” If anyone in the medical field is reading (or knows of such things, is interested etc…) it’s a Sprague-Rappaport.

    I tried to retain my composure and not fall off my chair. It would appear that I received a rather, generous pressie in my Steth.? And also the fact that she had the same one! *crosses eyes*

    What I left out? I wanted to talk to School Dude about doing extra Clinic Work on my own time. I wanted to see if that would be acceptable. Yep! I told the Instructor that I wanted to do this, as well, and then she may have lost her composure a bit.

    She nearly leapt out of her chair! We spoke about where and what. I told her that as far as work, Psych/Neuro would be ace, but I’d work anywhere! She said she’d get me a list of places. Then, she said she’d make copies of work that we’re not covering in class. This was all discussed during a break while we were in class!

    Well, you know what? I don’t give a toss what the others think! I need a job! If this woman can get me one, so be it! If I have the spare time to find a place to do a few more hours of work elsewhere, I’ll do it!

    I’m also going to contact Non-Arsey Neuro who has multiple offices to see if he’ll take me in. Hey, Merlin #2 as well! Maybe even my GP! No one seems to think that’s “unethical” in any way. Whatever.

    I’ve been unemployed for almost two years, now. I’m bringing out everything in the arsenal–even if it kills me. Which it may very well end up doing. However, the alternative (not doing anything), will definitely kill me.


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