Spock and I have just brought PA home.  We tried to do a fair bit of work with her, today.  That is, when we finally could.  It took a long time to get her to a point, when we could even attempt to start.  Also, the work was left strictly to the two of us.  PA did try to speak to her friend J., on her own, but he really had nothing to offer in return.

After a lot of tea, and a little something to eat, we gave her a Valium, hoping that it would sort out some of the chaos in her mind.  We wanted it to allow some of her thoughts to flow with greater ease.  Eventually, a few started to come to the surface.

Spock told her to get a pen and some paper to write things down.  He told her that this would be a logical, and intelligent thing to do.  Not only would it keep her thoughts in order, it would make them tangible.  By having them tangible on a piece of paper, she would be able to remember them.  She would also be able to read them over and over.  She needs to do that in order to manage this situation.

We are letting her rest for now.  We have given her another Valium, and also some Gravol as her stomach is upset.  The Gravol should also help her relax a bit more.

The Bipolar Cycling seems to have run its course, although neither Spock nor I, are sure about the dissociation.  We do not think it is as bad, but we do not believe it is gone, altogether.  When PA was communicating with her friend J., it was only in brief sentences and intervals.  So, it would seem that she is still not fully navigating her world, to the best of her abilities.  Nonetheless, the fact that she could organize some thoughts, with the assistance of Spock, would indicate some improvement.

Spock had another point he mentioned to her.  Although she is extremely frightened of setting foot back in that classroom tomorrow, he had this to say.  True, it may feel to her like she is going to be tossed into the ocean, not knowing how to swim, consider an alternative scenario.  It may merely feel like a band-aid being torn off.  It may hurt a lot initially, but once the pain dissipates, everything will be alright.

PA thought about this for a short while.  Then, she resigned herself that either way, tomorrow morning she would find out one way or another.

I’ve just checked in on her.  Although we want her to rest, the issue of her fear is imminent.  We may need to continue working on that throughout the night.  We want her as prepared as possible, even before setting one foot into the building.


  1. Let her know we are all rooting for her will you?


  2. theaspiepenguin

    Hi Canageek. Thank you for coming by. I certainly will. She is so appreciative of your support, and everyone else’s. Not just now, of course, but always.

    Take care now, you fine young man.


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