The Antigua Diaries – Part Seven

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Day Six 98/03/21 0925hrs

I finally met up with E. yesterday.  Nice guy.  He brought a friend of his with him, C., who is originally from Denver, Colorado.  I think E. wanted to “check me out,” and see if I was “cool enough.”  We have made plans for tonight.

We went to dinner at “The Inn.”  My god, it was expensive! The food was excellent, though, the decor beautiful, and I actually heard jazz!!! After that, we walked back down to Colombo’s for “the usual.”  I was pretty tired after not getting much sleep the night before, so I only intended to have one.  Honest! Famous last words.

J. passed by, so I called him over.  We sat and chatted underneath the stars for a while, when he suggested going to see the Dockyard by night.  How could I refuse? We hopped in his rental car and were off.  Funny guy.  Under his uptight, British veneer, he’s quite the little party animal! Bar hopping in the Dockyard.

We went to most, just to take a look.  We settled on The Last Lemming and Abracadabra.  Pretty small, but very busy, nonetheless.  A lot of “Yachties,” and foreigners, but some Antiguans as well.  I even ran into V.!  He followed us on his bike to The Last Lemming and we had a drink and a chat.  He’s very sweet.

At Abracadabra (Abra’s), I saw C., and we made some plans for tomorrow night with E.  I met a “Drunken Sailor” (NOTE: one of the “Yachties”), who practically fell on me, and then proceeded to tell me how I was such a “beautiful woman.”  He wanted my name and phone number!!! Like he was going to sail to Canada.  Right…  I messily scrawled it, first name only, no area or country code.  He gave me his card but I haven’t even looked at it.

The boats in Falmouth Harbour are incredulous at night.  I learned that there are some other, rather impressive individuals on the Island.  (Note: Eric Clapton had a house on the property where we were staying.)  Bill Gates is here on his yacht “Limitless,” and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia is here on this amazing one! I can’t remember if I snapped a picture of it of not.

Mr. E.F. (Note: aka “E. the Aussie”) left for St. Kitts this morning.  He sent the girls up to the cottage to fetch me.  We said goodbye and I told him to come see me in Canada.  He said he would email me from an Internet Cafe, but not until he reached the U.S., in about five to six weeks.  I think he likes me more that I do him! I seem to have made rather a stunning effect? (NOTE: I was up front with him about being gay, of course.  I don’t like to make generalizations, but I guess men don’t seem to care? They’ll still keep hounding you until they get you into bed, anyway? *laughing*)

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