Education in “F” Words

They say “Fear is a Great Motivator.”  How about “Frustration?” How about fucked. I shall try and refrain from using any more profanity throughout the rest of this post.  But.Oh.My.God.  Perhaps I should start numbering my “Bitchy School Posts” in “Volumes?”

Where should I begin? It seems just as things start to settle, another bloody, debacle or landmine or…whatever, seems to pop up!

Today, we were to learn software.  Charting, billing… *yawn*  Hold up, PA! Stifle that yawn! What a mess.  Again, where to begin? The Instructor didn’t have a working computer because…well, you know…all of them were working except one! I offered to let her use mine, but no.  She works like me: just hack away at things all by your lonesome.

All by your lonesome? Two major issues there! She’d never had a chance to see the software.  Now, you would think this wouldn’t pose a problem due to my “yawn” up there, but it did.  How do you prepare a training module for something that you’ve never seen! Issue number two? Apart from her, I’m the only one who knows how to work a computer in the class!!! Well, I’m the most “proficient?” And even I’m not some uber-techie!

The Instructor was going positively out of her mind.  She even snapped at me! I shut my gob, went Aspie-No-Eye-Contact, and got busy working on the task at hand: trying to get the software working to some degree, so we all could use it.

So, I’m tinkering away and explaining how things are working, what I think we need to do.  It’s basically really, simple db work for “training purposes.”  We need to build it, to use it.  Regardless, since it’s one massive db anyway, that was my “yawn!” In the field, this type of software is a no brainer. *sighs*

Everything sort of(?) got calmed a bit between basically her, myself and School Dude.  She and I are going to get the software loaded on our computers tomorrow.  That will certainly help her, and then if I can help her at all, more than happy to do so.

However, we are getting further and further pushed back from Clinic Rotations! Everything is becoming…choose whatever “F” word you damn well want! We are still going to proceed there, but I’m moving on.  We’re not going to be “let loose,” and determined “work ready,” until we’re done with Clinic from the school.  That only makes sense, as they are mandated to deliver the goods.  In the meantime, I’m losing my time!

I’ve just checked out a few places where Non-Arsey Neuro is affiliated, that might be acceptable in terms of location.  There’s no point in me trying to rush to a Clinic, where I can only work for an hour after class.  Plus, anywhere that is open on weekends? That is fine.

There are two in my neighbourhood (one is the Walk-In, where they last saw me dying from that evil, Upper Respiratory Infection!) They may not want me there! *laughing* Another is a bit of a multi-disciplinary place.  That’s what I’m kind of shooting for–more bang for my non-existent buck! Hopefully, I can find someone to take me on! Aren’t businesses always looking for stooges like me? Someone to work for free? *rolls eyes*

I need to kind of slow down and get my thoughts in order, though.  At least after today? Oh, but there’s one that looks so cool and maybe even another one that…  Oh, if I could get Non-Arsey Neuro to throw me into those? That means I need to draft a letter and send my resume to him pretty fast.  The locals? Easy. Print off my resume and pop in for a visit.  I could do that this weekend.  Shit.  Homework tonight? *crosses eyes*

I’m tired.  May I just say that? Please?

Oh, yeah.  Work on any and all Scholarship/Bursary stuff I can find, because…as above, I’m Slave Labour.  I’m basically broke.  Yep.

Man.  If I don’t get a job out of all this? Okay, I’m not even going there…


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